View Full Version : Need Help Having Bad Sound Problems

25th Feb 2004, 05:45
Hello I am having some bad sound problems with Defiance I don't really know how to decribe the problem but there is lots of pops and cracks you can barely understand what they are saying.I had the same problems with Soul Reaver 2 PC....but Blood Omen 1 and 2 played perfect.My Sound card is SoundBlaster Live and video card is Geforce 4MX 64MB AGP.I would really like some help with this would hate to have paid for a game I can't play.

25th Feb 2004, 12:02
What operating system are you using?

25th Feb 2004, 12:44
Have you tried updating your drivers? I had nearly the same problem with Splinter Cell, all it took was a newer driver.


The Moebius Strip
25th Feb 2004, 20:22
It is well known that the Sound Blaster Live (first version, not Live 5.1) has many problems.

The chief ones are improper implementation of PCI bus standards and very high power requirements.

Thus I have two possible solutions and one workaround:

1. Your power supply may be near its limit. Upgrade or reduce its load.

2. Your BIOS may not be fully compatible with the card. Update your motherboard's BIOS.

3. If all else fails, disable hardware acceleration of sound card. This will fix 99% of all problems with SBLive card but eliminates any special sound features. Goto "Run". Type in "dxdiag". Hit enter. Click on the "Sound" tab. Change acceleration slider to "Basic Accerleration". Close DX Diag. program. Restart computer. Run game.