View Full Version : I would have waited another year or two.

24th Feb 2004, 19:10
I would have waited another year or two to see all the problems worked out for this game. And maybe to see more of its features developed. Any comments?

24th Feb 2004, 19:24
Yes. I think you're mildly insane. ;)

There are some bugs in Defiance, yes, and the camera posed a bit of a problem once or perhaps even twice, but the problems have been blown up to unimaginable, ridiculous, sizes... By people who couldn't adjust to a slightly different camera and a new way of playing. No offence meant.

24th Feb 2004, 20:14
OK, I'll rephrase. I like this game. I play it all the time. It seems to me that there are features in the game that could have been developed more. To name a few:

I personally don't have a problem with the new camera. But, there were times when it wouldn't act properly, and it rotate the opposite way, or the view would be obstructed.

The menu was neat at first, because it reminded me of Blood Omen. Then as the game progressed, I realized that it was pretty pointless. I thought it directions were unnecessary, and that they actually took away from my exploring. The only reason I go to the menu now, is to hear the voices.

There was the lack of any new FMV. Yes, it means somthing to have one, even if it's a thirty second clip in the beginning.
Exploring... Yeah, lets find the tomes...

Then there is Kains bat form. I'm really glad they brought it back. But like the menu, it wasn't quite that big of a deal. It's not like there is this huge map like in Blood Omen, and the player needs to warp across to another area. The bat flight in defiance was completly linear, and only served to fill the gap where you couldn't walk to the next area.

The superhuman leap ability, originally from Blood Omen2. It's not like Kain could use it to reach areas Raziel couldn't. They never even went to same areas. What purpose did it really serve?

None of this stops me from playing, or replaying the game. This game has great things going for it. It just seems like the game wasn't as polished as it could have been. There are aspects of the game that were good, but they could have been great.

24th Feb 2004, 20:43
Actually, in the Forges, the Citadel, and the Stronghold, Kain uses the long jump to get to areas that Raziel couldn't.

The menu is obviously there for people who like direction as to where to go next. No one is making you use it.

As for taking another year or two, somehow I doubt that Eidos would have been willing to spend the 3-5+ million dollars it would have cost to do that.

24th Feb 2004, 21:10
look guy, your missing the point. would you or wouldn't you like see this game a little more polished in certain areas. no disrespect to the game creators.

24th Feb 2004, 21:48
Nope, I'm happy with it as it is. Anything I might want changed is very minor, and really not worth taking any extra time to accomplish. Just crank up the difficulty and make the sound effects a tad better for the next game, and I'll be more than satisfied. =D

24th Feb 2004, 22:20
I was happy with it as-is too. The only tweak I'd like to see on the next game is more save slots (especially on the Xbox version, given the massive amount of space available).

24th Feb 2004, 22:27
Originally posted by FCujunga
look guy, your missing the point. would you or wouldn't you like see this game a little more polished in certain areas. no disrespect to the game creators.

The game's already out. It doesn't really matter if any of us think it should be more polished or not.

24th Feb 2004, 23:35
Yes it does. These forums are a place where we can be constructive. A place where we can let the developer know what we think of their games in order to help them to make the next ones better. I'm not trying to degrade the game designers, I'm trying to help them.