View Full Version : Mod / Total Conversion possibility

24th Feb 2004, 08:47
Guys, I was curious. There seems to be quite a stink about these rope arrows / wall climbing gloves. I was thinking, if the SDK is released, is there a possibility of someone doing a mod or conversion to add a rope arrow, and a sword etc. - basically making Thief 3, not Thief: Deadly Shadows :D

I realise that adding the rope arrows will probably mess up the levels if they're designed for wall climbing gloves, but hopefully there'll be some amazing fan missions designed for T3 and the glorious rope arrow

Curious as always


24th Feb 2004, 21:26
i think that would require at least a dromed for thief: deadly shadows which hopefully will happen but doubtfully will.
if they do make a dromed for it all the missions would have to be redone with rope/vine arrows instead of the silly gloves.
if the company doesn't put 1 out then maybe us fans can design our own dromed for it.
alot of work either way but we will have what we want.
same garret different game.