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23rd Feb 2004, 23:42
Hey All.. I had to register to this thing to post my problem/rant...

I have plaied all of the Legacy Of Kain Series and just bought Defiance for the pc. I was so hyped about this game since soul reaver 2 left us in a cliffhanger...i was dying to find out whats next. well i just installed it today. I got into the first level everything went good then i noticed the new camera. I hated it the first time i saw it. I wanted the old camera from the other games back. I was running into corners cause of the camera. fell into the water with kain. I managed to get past the first chapter now when im at raziels first chapter trying to get out of the cave is just about impossible. The Camera angels + with the controls just f* it up every time i try. I have tried my two gamepads on here. my mouse and keyboard and even just my keyboard....all with the same results. now maybe its just me here but i have got a very slick (in a bad way) movements. when i would go to move forward it would just keep me going then the character would slide a little or skid as it were, im not saying ongoing just a little bit. enough to make me fall off an edge. with that plus the camera its hard to see whats up around a ben or corner or whatever. thats how i have fallen into the water with kain. I have configured just about everything i can in the game and in my computer itself to make sure this doesnt happen anymore... but somehow it continues. It is very frustraiting to where i have given up and brought here to these fourms.

I just have one question: what the hell were the game developers thinking when they made this camera?

If the developers were to make a patch to where it would have a new camera mode or have an added camera mode to it i would be most greatful. Since there isnt one at the moment -_-; i am forced to deal with it...

Overall, the new camera is cool at times... but there really needs to be an alternative angel other than it and first person look around.


23rd Feb 2004, 23:51
Well what can I say, I feel ya :( But take this piece of advice: leave the game alone, go eat something, take a nap, whatever, and when you start playing it again you'll be more relaxed and you'll be able to do wonders :p I finished the game twice, using the keyboard, and I was able to get out of the "rising mist chamber" on the second try :D It really gets a lot easier once you get used to the controls and tweaking the camera. Keep trying :) Don't give up on the game just because of the camera, the following chapters are just amazing! Good luck!