View Full Version : Music Of LOK Defiance

23rd Feb 2004, 10:38
Will there be any downloadable music for LOK Defiance like there was the other LOK games?:D

Erving JeansBgone
23rd Feb 2004, 13:22
but they do not have Defiance`s soundtrack yet...

23rd Feb 2004, 19:09
Does anyone know if there will be a LOK Defiance soundtrack?

Umah Bloodomen
23rd Feb 2004, 19:30
There are quite a few tracks off of the SR/SR2 soundtracks that were remixed for Defiance. If/when the Defiance soundtrack is released, we will let you know accordingly.

23rd Feb 2004, 20:17
Thankyou:D :D

al the darkness
24th Feb 2004, 00:47
i just want to say i like that title music very much~