View Full Version : plz help

The Angel of Death
23rd Feb 2004, 08:03
when i go 2 play defiance this message comse up

" grahics adaptor with required features not availble "


23rd Feb 2004, 08:24
I'm no expert, but it sounds to me like your vid card might not be up to par. May want to wait for one of the resident experts to confirm or deny this though.

The Angel of Death
23rd Feb 2004, 10:28
ok thanx

Erving JeansBgone
23rd Feb 2004, 13:24
what tipe is your video card? ati? nvidia? ...

23rd Feb 2004, 17:29
Indeed, I have this very same problem =\

and I have an NVidia TNT Model 64 - so if he/she does as well, must be some link there (not of a good sort either).

23rd Feb 2004, 17:57
Have you updated your card? Might just need to be updated.

23rd Feb 2004, 17:59
Tried to but I'm not sure they have any files for Windows ME. I've searched but no luck >_<

Posting links isn't allowed, so I'll just keep searching unless this isn't the actual problem.

23rd Feb 2004, 22:35
The TNT series doesn't support the necessary features for this game (or a lot of other modern ones).

The Angel of Death
24th Feb 2004, 03:52
ok :( i gess ill have 2 get it for ps2 thanx 4 all ur help