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22nd Feb 2004, 19:58
ok, maybe i totally missed something in the previews....but can someone please show me where the devs said they would release an sdk for t: ds?

everyone seems to be assuming that fan missions will be made for the upcomming sneaker. but i was under the impression that an sdk, or some kind of app is necessary to do that. and since IS didn't release something for dx:iw, and there's yet to be an alternative...well, you get the idea.

22nd Feb 2004, 20:46
I haven't seen anything about T3 fan missions yet. I'm assuming that it might be possible to make a thief-ish mod using the Invisible War code. But for real fan missions, we'd have to wait until some new version of DROMED is released.

22nd Feb 2004, 22:36
They'd be monkeys to not tap into the huge Thief fan mission community. If they don't make some form of mission creation pack, they've shortened the lifespan of it by several years

22nd Feb 2004, 23:31
that goes without saying though chimp. ever since the mod scene started probably even before the original doom it's been like that.

that leaves the question, will it even be possible? it's apparent a lot of people are speculating that it not only is possible, but WILL happen.

so, has there been an official word on the issue? or should the community just reread the answer to the dx:iw sdk question, and just port it to this title?

23rd Feb 2004, 23:00
From what I read over at IS's site an Null...if enough ppl want one and ask for one...maybe then Eidos/IS will deem it possible to release one...but I have the feeling that one won't be forth-coming with the initial release. So take that as you will...I certainly hope it will happen from the standpoint that I'm a player not a creator and that would be a more likely reason for me to have the Original game for the purpose of playing FM's, but not for sometime down the road to see what happens along the way to this game, etc. Ta and Good Hunting!

EDIT: Well I found this quote over at DE:IW concerning their wants of an SDK and it would now appear the same issues will be there for T:DS as well since it's the same engine...etc.?

Chris Carollo, the DX:IW lead programmer, posted the following on the Ion Storm forums some time ago:

Since apparently no one reads what I post, I'll repeat it again... The fact of the matter is that publicly releasing all of our development tools is going to be difficult, and take real time away from development of current or future games. Older OS support, releasing source to all our perl tools, making sure they work correctly without our VSS backends, making sure they're minimally usable without expensive third-party tools or third-party tools that aren't publicly available, licensing issues, piracy concerns, etc. All of these things make releasing an SDK very difficult. Making games like DX an DX:IW are enormously expensive and risky endeavors, and when something like an SDK comes up that has numerous risks, real cost, and dubious upside based on our actual experience with DX, it's a hard sell. That's the reality of the situation, and I'm sorry if it disappoints some of you, but it's the truth. ISA is currently in the business of providing great gaming experiences, and with DX:IW I think we've really done that. Our focus is on the game, not the SDK, and I think you'll be pretty happy with that decision when you play DX:IW.


The short answer: No. If you want to read the entire thread, follow this link. From what he says, I'd doubt that recent events would lead to a change of mind.

So it really makes you wonder about the realistic problem of getting one released for Thief I would think? Huntress

24th Feb 2004, 03:18
The Morrowind devs released a great editor with their game; no reason/excuse there can't be one with T3... even something half as good as Morrowind's. Simple as that.

24th Feb 2004, 08:49
Personally, I think they would be STUPID to not include a level editor. Thief would not have survived the closing of LGS as a playable game if it wasn't for the FM community. For crying out loud, the got some of their DEVELOPERS by hiring people who were making Fan Missions! If that doesn't say that they need to support the community with an SDK, I don't know what else would!


25th Feb 2004, 04:44

25th Feb 2004, 10:48
Yea, Thief is not DX:IW blah blah blah...but it's engine is extremely similar. With DX:IW, I believe they said that the major issue that prevented them from releasing an SDK was that there was a lot of other software they used in conjunction with their main editor program...as in, it was not a stand alone program that could easily be downloaded or included with the game itself. Perhaps this will also be a problem with T: DS, but I hope it won't.

26th Feb 2004, 16:55
That post makes painful reading, Huntress. The one thing Thief has in its favour over DX is the large existing community of level builders.