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21st Feb 2004, 22:13
Apologies if this has been mentioned already, I had a look but saw nothing

From IGN.com
The next change in gameplay from the first two is an increase in Garrett's combat abilities. The team decided that the "wanted the action elements to be a bit more compelling. If you get spotted, I want you to have another option than to run away or hide in the bushes for 90 seconds."
Ion Storm just wanted to give players, especially those that aren't necessarily the best at sneaking, a fighting chance to survive an encounter that they just can't seem to avoid.

Stinking! If a guard sees you, you want the adrenaline pumping - fight or flee (fleeing 90% of the time). If they're changing the basic way you play the game to allow for the young/inexperienced players, then everyone else has to play at that new easier level. Gah - perhaps if they had difficulty settings where at 'normal' you could beat that guards up with no consequences, and at 'hard' where a single guard would kill you quite easily.

I personally quite enjoyed hiding behind chairs/doors when being persued by a guard. I don't want to be able to do a Rambo unless I have to.

21st Feb 2004, 23:19
Chimp... they DO have difficulty settings such as that. In fact, null, one of the developers, has mentioned what they meant by that particular comment. It boils down to something like this....

1 guard = You must be skillful in order to defeat him in combat.
2 guards = Got health insurance? You're going to need it. Very slim chance of survival for very skilled players.
3 guards = You might as well reload now. No chance.

Realise that they're talking about increasing Garret's combat abilities marginally from the previous games. Also realise that if Garret is armed with a dagger, and the guards have swords, (or warhammers, or any 3 foot long weapon,) then the guards are going to have 2 FEET of reach on Garret. That means in order to hurt a guard, you're going to have to dodge his swing, (blocking will be extremely difficult,) and then step inside his reach to stab him. Screw this up, and you're pushing up daisies.

So, no, they're NOT making Garret some kind of combat monster, they just want to give the average player a small chance of survival in a fight. Does that mean that the exceptional player will be able to defeat all guards in combat? Sure... just ask Munin the Raven, here on these forums. He's already done it in the previous two games.

And speaking as someone who doesn't consider themselves an expert player regarding stealth, I welcome any edge I can get.


21st Feb 2004, 23:19
There will surely be difficulty settings, you know.

22nd Feb 2004, 01:04
Originally posted by chimpwithalimp

perhaps if they had difficulty settings

I wasn't making a suggestion that they should have difficulty settings - the last two already had that and they'd be foolish not to continue the trend. I was just giving my opinion on what kind of fights you should get on the different settings. Basically, on the normal setting (I'll be snide and call it the Xbox setting) you get the added combat skills, anything harder and it's run and hide.

From Gamespy:
Since the game has multiple difficulty levels, you can strive toward becoming a master after you begin to get the basics down pat, too, offering multi-layered enjoyment to fresh-faced pickpockets and hardened felons alike.

I've seen a lot of negative comments about the game already and want to be quite specific about this - I'm not trying to detract from T3 at all. The Thief series is far and away the most enjoyment I've ever gotten from gaming, and I've been at this fifteen years or more, over multiple systems and configs. I'm really looking forward to this game, but I have a dread in my guts that it won't be half the game the originals were. My only justification for this is the mess we've seen of similar xbox to pc ports, and the opinions and sometimes misinformation you read on forums and sites. I actually joined this one because the members seemed a bit more able to back up and argue their claims.

I waited for years for the first of the new Star Wars movies, and got saddled with JarJar Binks and ham acting. Thief 3 and half life 2 are really the last hope I hold for games ;) If I'm let down by them, I'll give up gaming.

22nd Feb 2004, 03:43
Supposedly they will also have customizable difficulty settings. So you could toggle a setting that would have you automatically lose if you kill someone. This would have the same effect as having you (almost) automatically killed if you're discovered.

One thing I don't understand is how they're going to make Garrett better at combat while switching his weapon from a sword to a dagger. I like the switch in weapons, but you'd think this would make him a weaker opponent not a stronger one.

Mr. Perfect
24th Feb 2004, 03:08
Pffft. Fighting in Thief is easy. The Hammers are just lucky I can't justify killing them, otherwise Cragslef Prison would have been a ghost town just the other day. ;)

24th Feb 2004, 08:35
I just reinstalled T2 tonight and had an absolute blast playing the first level with Basso etc for the first time in years...
The best thing? I have utterly forgotten where the secrets and loot were the first time I played it, and I don't wanna know! I'm enjoying it immensely this time around.