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TIM Darg
21st Feb 2004, 21:07
Honestly, I was ready to 'accept' the many 'adjustments' that had been made to the game.... they didnt seem to be that much different from the first two games... not in a truly major significant way....

but this....
this is by far the saddest most difficult news for me so far!
I was really looking forward to explore them water-filled places.

Quote from van_HellSing PL:

"I mean, NO WATER? WTF?! (...) Can you imagine a dust-dry City with no sewers? Can you imagine not having water=filled caverns in the game? I can't. "

I'm starting to understand.

van_HellSing PL
21st Feb 2004, 21:21
Now you understand my bitterness. Water areas extremely add to the amosphere of a game such as Thief, I remember parts where I actually felt like I was going to suffocate... Let's hope there will at least be parts with unswimmable, shallow water, puddles etc.

The Glome
21st Feb 2004, 21:49
I thought this was still only a rumor.. I was looking at the website again - go to the downloads section - there's a small picture of what looks like a very watery place. This *could* be a gameplay area - and if so, swimming will most likely still be in.

van_HellSing PL
21st Feb 2004, 22:27
It's not a rumor. Null from Ion Stormed confirmed that there will be no swimmable water in the game.

The good news is, he just posted again that there will most probably be watery areas in Thief: DS, but only with shallow water.

This also implies that water wasn't cut from the game for graphical issues (which was what I thought at first). Another reason might be difficulty in applying swimming controls for Xbox players. So if there is going to be ann SDK for T: DS, there will probably be a way to make swimming possible. I hope I'm right about this...

21st Feb 2004, 23:13
Now being able to swim is alright as long as you can walk in shallow water...

21st Feb 2004, 23:27
I, for one, am disappointed that there's no swimmable water in the game. However, I'm not going to let that detract me from playing the game. Why the swimmable water was removed, I don't know. Hopefully it can be added back in with fan missions.


John P.
22nd Feb 2004, 00:01
Since Thief: DS and DX:IW share the same engine, and both do not have swimmable water, I think the kind of water you'll find in Thief: DS will look like this:


(this is a water fountain - the only place with flowing water in DX:IW - unless you count faucets.)

22nd Feb 2004, 00:31
No swimming? No swimming? NO SWIMMING!?

First blue shadows, then 3rd person, now this crap!

23rd Feb 2004, 06:02
He said there'd be some wade-ing in the game.