View Full Version : Raziel bug? (spoiler)

21st Feb 2004, 15:22

I am currently playing Vorador's Mansion with Raziel. I've gotten the two artifacts and im on my way to the gargoyles, but when I shift realms with Raziel at the entrance of the mansion, the door (in the hall) is blocked.

I figure this might be a bug? I had a similar problem before, but somehow I got it to work.

Anyone know why the door is blocked? And how to solve it?
(Like when you fight gollums and the door is sealed).

21st Feb 2004, 16:14
same happened 2 me
its a bug indeed
sorry but u'll have to start from begginning unless u have a save game before u get the first spear
if u have u should get the 2nd spear first and then the 1st