View Full Version : The Taffer Jet is ready, book your reservation early!

20th Feb 2004, 20:05


20th Feb 2004, 20:18
I am ridin first class babee. Book me now. Where to go, I don't particularly care, as long as we have a good time. Oh did I hear special taffer goodies will be offered?

Pass me a crunchy deer leg will ya? Have any cheese on that tray. Hmmmm, thank you. Is that Benny I see as a steward? :o :D

20th Feb 2004, 20:19
Very nice, and I see you made it out of my favorite material GOLD!

:D :D

20th Feb 2004, 21:04
You noticed! :)

Also...Thanks to BA for the web space.

20th Feb 2004, 21:17
That is awesome.....littlek stands in line to buy a ticket

20th Feb 2004, 23:36
Wow...our own personal jet with our own special pilot...what a way to fly! Now that's what I really call the "Thieves Hiway" :D Hold on gang...I'm comin too! Ta and Good Hunting!

21st Feb 2004, 02:27
No problem Chief, to get your talent out there again, it's worth it, and it has been missed. :)

Damn I wanna go!!! DA PLANE! DA PLANE! Lets go people. :D

Shadow Creepr
21st Feb 2004, 02:45
Great job on the photos, Chiefdreams! I wanna book a ticket too. :D

24th Feb 2004, 21:58
So uh............... Where we going? *holds his luggage :D

24th Feb 2004, 22:45
"I've got two tickets to paradise"

I'm quoting an (Eddy Money) song.

24th Feb 2004, 23:15
Very nice! But can you hide in shadows with it? Can it go supersonic silently? Does it blow out torches when flying by? And can Master Nightfall fly a plane (assuming he's the pilot, since we see CoSaS' Dante on the rear)? ;)

Mr. Perfect
25th Feb 2004, 00:13
Giant golden airplane? What giant golden airplane? I don't see any giant golden airplane... Oh, btw, due to some great good fortune the drinks are on me tonight!


25th Feb 2004, 01:42
Damn... I knew that last minute pee would make me miss the flight. :eek:

van_HellSing PL
25th Feb 2004, 07:25
OMG! Some taffer stole the jet! :eek:

25th Feb 2004, 15:42
littlek takes a bite of crunchy deer leg, many more are stacked in front of her. She chases it down with an ale. All this bounty is courtesy of Mr. Perfect. She takes another bite and mumbles, "What jet?"

25th Feb 2004, 16:27
The jet finally reached a cruising altitude, and yubetcha walked out of the lavatory. A passing stewardess watched as yubetcha limped and rubbed his leg.

"What's wrong, yubetcha?"

He replied, "It hurts when you get thrown off of the lavatory seat during turbulence".

As the jet screams past two torches on the top of a tower, they are extinguished by the wind.

25th Feb 2004, 20:57
Huntress peers out her window and notices a dark cloaked figure on the ground frantically waving his arms and realizes that one of our Taffers got left behind. Oh nooo, she says to herself, we can't leave Laz behind...it took so long for him to find his way back to our Guild we can't leave without him now...so she jumps out of her seat and runs up to the cabin, bangs on the door, and hollers at Chiefdreams, "Stop, stop, please turn back...we must go back!" She continues, "We've lost one of our members in our haste to leave".

Chiefdreams apparently hearing Huntress's voice, makes an announcement over the intercom. He says in his very Captain's pilot voice, "Taffers and Tafferettes, it has been brought to my attention, that one our passengers was sidetracked with an urgent call of some sort and missed the plane." "In our desire to keep this special trip a happy and satisfying flight and with no ticket refunds, I am turning the plane around to make a fast pickup." "However, as he explains further, I need a volunteer to toss out the Grappling Hook to snag him as we passby and pull him in." Some of the Taffers were heard muttering, "He wasn't kidding about a fast pickup (as they snickered to one another)". "Whoever is willing to do this, please holdup your BJ's and the stewardess will collect them and put them in a crate for one to be pulled out as the electee." Soon many of the passengers hurried to get their BJ's out, as no-one wanted any of our friends to miss out on this eventfull first flight of the "Thief Express".

If anyone would like to expand this little tale, jump right in. :) Ta and Good Hunting!

Whatz His Name
25th Feb 2004, 21:09
OH NO!!! The Blue Coats saw Laz too. They are coming out to stop us.

26th Feb 2004, 00:32
littlek looks out the window and sees the gold Taffer Express zoom by.

"HEY! Mr. Perfect. I thought you stole that jet! So who's going to pay for my meal?

Mr. Perfect grins. littlek makes a break for it and sprints out of the tavern and out to the runway. She reaches Laz just as he grabs the claw dangeling from the rear cargo door of the jet. Several familar taffer faces peer down from the open door. littlek leaps up and grabs Laz's leg, her fingers still greasy from the crunchy deer leg stains his pants. But she hangs on.

Mr. Perfect
26th Feb 2004, 01:09
*Mr. Perfect shoves the can of gold paint further under the table alongside the unconsious SouthWest Airlines pilot*

Hope SouthWest doesn't miss that Chicago to LA jet to soon.