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20th Feb 2004, 20:01
I just watched all the thief3.com screenshots and I must say that I'm quite optimistic now and I can't wait for the demo though I doupted the game first. Just a few things that I noted.
1. the bow aiming seems to be almost the same as in the previous games (hopefully no autoaim)
2. The screens were everything else but dark...no black shadows it's simply horrible...I hope that is gonna change before the release. Otherwise the screens are simply beautiful, I think that means I have to give up my r8500le and buy a newer one with hardware DX9 support :D
3. The screens are quite low-resolution and maybe in 16bit? Are those Xbox-screenhots? I noticed this when looking the nightsky in one picture...
4. the pictures were a little bit drawn-like if you get what i mean? Possibly edited (atleast I think they are)???
5. The visibilitybar and the compass are rather large when compared to previous games but they do not IMO draw too much attention to themselves...nice and simple still. But I do hope that the compass can be deactivated or moved. It could be nice to have something like in some other games where you can arrange the GUI as you like. That is, you can change the size of the healthbar and others and move those things to other places on the screen...would make it more comfortable and would suite to everyone as they like it.
6. Garret seems quite small and short don't ya think? To mee he seems almost as a child. I have gotten a picture from the previous games that garret is quite big. I don't mean muscular and large, but athletic (as thief has to be :)) and quite tall? What do you think?
7. No monsters in those shots....I would like some good old zombiewhacking and minesneaking (just like Cragscleft, one of my alltime favorites) I don't want any robots though and to my please i hear there will be none :)
Those were a few things that i noticed...:)

EDIT: It seems to me that Garret is holding a dagger in his hand in every picture he's about to sneak and take some1 out. I really hope that they won't make the game an assassin-type....they should leave those assassinations to Sam Fisher (Splinter Cell) and concentrate on thieving