View Full Version : Camera :(

20th Feb 2004, 09:25
i'm great fan of whole lok series, but this damm camera view just destroy gameplay :mad: Graphics and new skills are awsome ! I hope that programmer will make patch which fix camera view or add new camera mode.:cool:

20th Feb 2004, 11:44
Trust me, you're not the first, and probably not the last person to think that camera needs help. Just search for "camera" in this forum, and you'll find all of the past rantings.

For the most part, the camera is fine. It is usually in certain areas, such as critical jumps, that makes this new camera system a pain in the butt. It needs a little tweaking, which hopefully we'll see in the next game.

Later! :D

21st Feb 2004, 09:31
I'm now in first Raziel chapter and must climb to the top of chamber ! I trying 30 times to get to top, but with this damm camera it is very hard! It is wonder, that my keybord survive my fury after 30 challenge witch this stage :cool: I implore of you to do some with camera...

21st Feb 2004, 14:10
I recently just got LOK Defiance, I agree the camera can be a pain especially on Raziels first chapter (racing to the top) but Im starting to get use to it, I agree with Lar that it needs a little tweaking in the next game in the series.