View Full Version : [SPOILER OF LOKD and MGS2]LOKD very much like MGS2?

Camus Audron
20th Feb 2004, 07:41
welll....I was just thinking and the plots have some similarities.

We have the experienced elder, guide of the youngster: Snake/Kain

We have a stubborn hero, with a sometimes closed mind: Raziel/Raiden (I'm so dead for that comparison!...calm down ppl, raiden isnt that bad ^_^)

And most of all we have the superior beings, whcih are unseen by everyone, and are responsible of every evil: Patriots/Eldergod

There's also the fooled servant: Ocelot/Moebius, which does seem fitting.

Maybe even Fortune/ariel? The fabricated tragic heroine, but in the last moment there's enliightment, which allows the spectacular sacrifice/release

Obviously there are many discrepances (Snake and Raiden dont fight, Raiden doesnt sacrifice) but the similarities are basically the main plot, which may have a lot to do with the current trends of storytelling, and old stereotypes, but I still thought it was curious enough to note.

van_HellSing PL
20th Feb 2004, 07:47
Waaaaaay stretched, but it made me think about plot patterns in general. I might post something concrete on it later today.

20th Feb 2004, 09:49
Yes, you are dead for compairing raziel to raiden:D ;) :mad: good observations on the others though.

I swaer though, Raiden is the 3rd worst character in any game ive played. the 1st 2 are (or first 9 if you counted FFIX(9), man that game sucked, and the characters were horrible) currently held by Mission from Star Wars: KOTOR, and Wind Waker Link. I dont care that Link's face will smile and go. "Ahh!" for half a second for a happy emotion. I want extreamly detailed and texturized lighting, character models, locaitions and an overall suburb looking ADULT Link. Link doesnt even talk and they care about his emotions. Isnt his annoying Cries and Screams that are the same ones from the N64 Zelda enough emotion for a mute character? (BTW Both N64 zelda's were 2 of my greatest 10 games ever, and the last statement wasnt an insult, it was showing that Nintendo Is pathetic and stupid enough to use the exact same Sound FX's they used on a Cartrage Based N64 game 6 years ago.)

23rd Feb 2004, 09:49
its an interesting idea...

i hated raiden - konami should have been in big trouble due to false advertising - i never saw raiden until it was too late! snake for one level? no way! i still bought substance :p snakeboarding kicks ass