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Camus Audron
20th Feb 2004, 07:12
Well, Kain now knows Eldergod is the big bad guy, and has power that can stop it. but there are still unanswered questions

-what was of the razelim?
-what is the nexus stone?
-what is the mass?
-what is the seer?
-how does vorador revive?
-who are the 3 Corpses of SR2's Air Forge?
-how did the Hylden come to be?
-how did the Ancient come to be?
-how did the Eldergod come to be?
-how did the Humans come to be?

and there are new questions too
-how exactly does the scion have to do to restore balance?
-who are the 3 Ancient heros of Vorador's fountain?
-What exactly was Kain cured of?

I think Kain was cured of all three things, blindness of the EG, Nupuraptor's madness, and the curse....

but the biggest question, is what will Kain do now?
My guess, is that for two thousand years, he will be fighting the hylden and try to set everything up, because only after the two thousand years(when SR1 ends) he will be alone in the world, as the single guardian left, now purified, enabled to rebuild nosgoth

If Kain was cured of all of his sicknesses, it would mean that Kain would have to sire a female Vampire, so that he could have 8 sons, which would be the new balance guardians
I dont think that will really but it's a fun posibility to consider.

As far as the origins of EG, the mass, the ancients and the hylden go; I think that the EG and the mass are connected, they are either similar entities that work similiraly( the two gods...).Or the mass is some portion of the EG that the Hylden managed to steal and neutralize...remember that Raziel does seem to have a Hylden connection, so the Hylden might as well have seen the EG.

It would also prove to be really cool, if the heros of Vorador's fountain proved to be the same corpses you sacrified

I also think, that the Hylden, and the Ancients...used to be just the same, and were slowly drawn apart by the EG

Based on how much my thougts proved true in Defiance, I dont think all this will happen, but I think some of the general themes might prove true

20th Feb 2004, 11:12
I doubt that all those questions will ever be answered in the series...anyway!
The Seer is an ancient,powerful and mysterious Hylden who escaped the binding of the pillars.
The Razielim as of now are assumed to be all destroyed
Not much of the Nexus stone but i speculate that it is of Hylden make since it seems to counter the Ancients celebrated weapon, the Reaver.

Kain seems unique in his cure, first if he was cured of the hyldens curse then that means he is now mortal and binded to the wheel of fate, yet he saw EG something not even the original ancients could do :/?

20th Feb 2004, 12:46
About Vorador, I think that Raziel only assumed that he died, there is actually no evidence that Mobieus killed him before he got his...

20th Feb 2004, 12:51
Exactly Raptor3k, Moebius was just going for egzecution... they didn't killed him just yet.

20th Feb 2004, 13:46
Vorador was killed in BO. It is said that Vorador is killed in Defiance because Moebius says that "now, if you'll excuse me, I have an execution to perform" Which is when Vorador dies. It still hasn't been explained how he has been revived but it is to do with the changes in the time stream in SR2.


20th Feb 2004, 14:39
Theres one other question

What happens to all the Vampires which Vorador before/during BO2, so that Kain can raise his own vampires in his unique way?