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18th Feb 2004, 17:00
Hiya Peeps,

I got the UK version of Defiance for 11.99 GBP = 22.8124 USD off ebay which I won a couple of days ago. Here is a link: -


Its costing about £27.99 in retail shops on average so I got a great price :D Just thought you ought to know, its sealed and all and it should come well-packaged and everything.

Unfortunately, my PC is dead at home so I have to use ebay at work to get me this game. I have also bought a new motherboard and processor, NFS Underground, as well as the 2 Defiance comics (both are the same but have 2 different front covers, 1 by Eidos, the other by Top Cow).

BTW: United States Dollars 1 GBP = 1.90262 USD 1 USD = 0.525592 GBP

I had to buy a new mobo (motherboard) as my PC died at home :( and hence the reason why I havent been online and replied as much as I used to, that and I work now. Crappy job, but it pays the bills... best not to ask what I do.


18th Feb 2004, 18:14
if we ask what you do, what will you do to us? :eek:

only kidding :)

that is a great price though


19th Feb 2004, 11:40
Hiya Peeps,

Well, Im a Sales Executive at a firm that I will keep shtoom about. Its small as it started out only recently (5 months ago to be precise - which was a change from selling video games and dvd's etc... to which they did several months prior to the 5 months of becoming an IT firm). This is basically why my title is a sales execitive as the firm basically comprises of me, and 2 other guys.

I as well as the colleague are on the phones, which means we call people up and ask them whether they want our services. 90% of the time they dont, the rest of the day I get fed up and bored. I am a systems engineer with a degree and because the firm is still growing I have to do the sales which I really hate as its soo boring and not rewarding at all.

As for the game being a great price, well, I have an eye for a bargain :D. I sent out the cheque in the post earlier today and cant wait till I get that game in my fingertips. By then I will have recevied my new mobo so I can install that and play Defiance. Im as excited now as much and even more so than when I heard about Defiance being the 4th sequel.


PS Im looking forward to finally completing the game and finally getting the chance to happily read the spoilers.

PPS I have been working at the firm for 1 month now :( and financially it barely covers my expenditures.

19th Feb 2004, 21:11
i am happy for you (sniff)
but i am yet to be so lacky;)