View Full Version : A suggestion for Thief 3

18th Feb 2004, 05:54
Hi, I've not played the old thief games, but from information I've read, there doesnt seem to be upgrades in armor for your character. I believe a huge drive in games is the constant desire to obtain better armor, besides it makes a game experience more fun with more options for your characters appearance and abilities. Though I know this suggestion probably wont accomplish much since the game is so far in developement, I just wanted to emphasize the benefit of having obtainable armor or character upgrades within a game, other than weapons. I for one love a great action/adventure, with the customization of an RPG.

Just a suggestion Eidos. :)

18th Feb 2004, 06:34
errr, there is no armor in thief. period. and hopefully it'll remain that way.

nor is there need for solid rpg elements. the only customization you need in the thief games is to choose how you want to take on the mission. no level ups or advanced weaponry are necessary.

Sir Lancelot
18th Feb 2004, 07:07
HOC's right. The whole idea of the Thief franchise is based on the pride you get from being the stealthiest, most resourcesful character in the scenario. It's about brain, not brawn or firepower or armour, and the satisfaction comes from using your creativity to triumph in situations where you are often hopelessly outnumbered. That often means avoiding confrontation.

There are different ways to accomplish missions, so each new attempt needs only variety to be its true reward.

18th Feb 2004, 22:33
I agree armor shouldnt be used to create a game thats hack and slach brawling, but I meant armor that changes your characters appearance and creates a sense of "me", while giving improvements to sneak skills or hiding in the shadows for example. Just, when armor is added, i believe it creates an incentive to advance farther within the game, I wouldnt like to finish a game and go through many adventures with my character the exact same as I began with.

Also, adding armor can open up a number of different quests or possible routes within a game, say you want to steal that leather hauberk that lies within the heavily guarded museum. :) I just dont see any drawbacks to adding armor as long as it doesnt change the style of gameplay, in this case stealth.

18th Feb 2004, 23:38
i hear what you're saying. but thief....really isn't that kind of game. it's so story driven that to change the main character's appearance would be to change the personality of the character. and i dunno about the rest of the community, but a change to garret's (the main character you control in thief) personality would drastically alter the mood of the game.

it wouldn't effect gameplay though. so in that regard, find out how to make skins and models and how to add them to the game yourself. or try to find someone willing to do that for ya and others in the community.

Mr. Perfect
19th Feb 2004, 00:41
The one problem I see comming up is the same one many RPGs have. If for some reason you don't find some nice upgrades, your character will be at a disadvantage. The great thing about Thief is that you don't have to worry about having superior equipment, you can do anything with the basics.