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18th Feb 2004, 05:18
Hi im just new in here but i played blood omen2 & soul reaver 1&2.
I have not played defiance yet, but even though that i read the walkthroughs, im still planning to buy it.
So after playing the games ang reading the walkthroughs I came to this wild conclusions:

1.The hylden are the Razielim sent by kain from the future and became the hylden due to biotechnology (Which explains why the elder god hates them because they're immortal.)

This would also explain why they never died while inside the demon dimension but instead transformed to monsters.

I get this conclusions due to the fact that the vampire raziel and the seer is remarkably simillar.(the wings and skin color)

And the very fact that the story does'nt say what they eat or how they breed.

Thus the "blood curse" given to the ancients is the same blood curse used to recruit fledgelings and that janos is the first to be blood cursed.

2.That the next LOK series would be on another guardian presumably the guardian of conflict so that it could battle the raging power of the abbyss.

On Soul Reaver 2 in the underworld or if my theory is correct the bottom of the abbyss there are ruins that look remarkably like pillar bases. So in other words the abbyss is the location where the pillars are located and in order to prevent the other pillars from being destroyed the first pillar to be placed must be the pillar of conflict.

3.That the vampire guardian which I wrote above would be a Dumahim.

4. The purified soul reaver is the wraith blade and not the soul reaver itself so that if Kain left the Soul Reaver in the Sarafan Stronghold he is still purified(the soul reaver would later be picked up by moebuis and placed in the avernus cathedral)

(I mean man would'nt it be cool to see Kain w/ a wraith blade)

Well this is just some theories I thought of.

18th Feb 2004, 06:30
Um, I'd say you're wrong in just about every theory of yours.

First of all, the Hylden are an ancient race, from the era of the Ancient vampires. Seeing that you have played BO2, SR1 and SR2, then you must know that Raziel wasn't even a vampire back when the Hylden existed in Nosgoth, (the Razielim were his vampire "children", and Kain implied that he destroyed them). Play Defiance to find out more about the Demon Dimension.

Secondly, I'm not sure I understand that whole Conflict Guardian thing, but I'm certain you did not visit the Abyss in SR2. Also, if you remember, in SR1, the ruined Pillars are inside the Cathedral-like Castle, where you first battle Kain. And the Abyss is further up the path across the Cathedral. If I remember correctly, standing atop the middle pillar/column above the Abyss, after passing the wooden bridge, the Cathedral with the Pillars would be South, Raziel's Clan Castle is East, the Ash Village (Dumah) is North, and the Human Citadel is West.

Why you would think the new Guardian of Conflict would be a Dumahim is beyond me. Plus, you're forgetting that Kain must die or be healed of Nupraptor's corruption somehow, so that the Pillars can summon new guardians. The Pillars summon Guardians from birth, and vampires are no longer born.

After you play Defiance, you will know all about Kain being purified. I'm not going to spoil the game for you more than you already have done yourself by reading walkthroughs prior to playing the game. Tsk, tsk :p

23rd Feb 2004, 03:44
The pillars toppled remember...
And Kain brought them to the sanctuary of the clans.
Anyway they have'nt reaveled yet how the abbys was formed which i believe made by the elder god himself spewing the waters with his tentacles.
The bases of the pillars can be seen at the beginning of SR1 look around you...

As for the dumahim thing, Malek is a paladin, as he is described.
And what if he was born as a vampire like Blade :D

As for the hylden they never described what the hylden eats or how they reproduce so whats wrong with my reasoning?
As I said these are just wild theories of mine...

23rd Feb 2004, 04:37
Yes, I remember the Pillars toppled. I still fail to understand how Kain could bring them to the Sanctuary of the Clans. (he carried them, maybe? :P) Or maybe he/his vampire offspring have just constructed the Sanctuary around the Pillars :)
I think the Abyss/Lake of the Dead was just there from the beginning. Although who knows, you may be right and the EG has something to do with it:)
The last time I played SR1 was like 4 years ago, but I still don't remember seeing Pillar bases in the Underworld, right at the beginning of the game. As far as I can remember, the Pillars were in a totally different area, i.e. the Sanctuary of the Clans.
"As for the dumahim thing, Malek is a paladin, as he is described." - I know what Malek is/was, he is not the same with Dumah though, nor were the Dumahim his offspring.. What am I missing here? :confused:
If you're implying that the Razielim were sent back in time by Kain, to the era when the Ancient vampires lived, I'd say that's a little far fetched but who knows? :) Why would Kain choose to do that when he could've just destroyed them? Just to complicate things? Hm..