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Dark Abyss
18th Feb 2004, 00:49
The best thing for the next LOK would be a camera similar to SR2,cus that rocked. Next, Raziel should stay in the Reaver although i loved him more than I did Kain, his destiny, although cruel, it should keep him in there. I think it would be nice though that the reaver would prove itself somesort of key or something that would uncurse the pillars so that vampire children are being born again, and all this should be accomplished by killling the Elder god or sumtin'.
Oh by the way I "love that cyborg ideea". It's just da bomb... I mean come on, i know this hole game is fantasy but CYBORGS? How about some early sketches for a Boeing 747 for going to Old York or something like that. And all this is found when you finally Kill the Elder God. Now tell me if this is not the best idea somebody could come up with.
Anyways, the hole game ruled and making the last part playable by gamers who haven't seen the first games in the serie was a bad ideea because you can now see where it lead to: a bunch of ideas for a great game but not a LOK game if you know what I mean.

18th Feb 2004, 01:32
1st paragraph good. I agree with it. Except fopr the camera. Just tweak Defiance's Camera a little and it would be fine.

2nd Paragraph. Hell No!!!! Robots and Technology is the LAST thing that the LOK series needs

Dark Abyss
18th Feb 2004, 01:47
In case you haven't seen, i was JOKING about that :) and by the way...this thread is accidental. It was my first time on a forum and i thought new thread was for replying. The cyborg idea is from another thread and i absolutely hate it

18th Feb 2004, 02:12
whew. for a second i actually thought you were serious. tahts also because i didnt read the whole paragraph. i saw the 1st sentance and im like, 'nough read. no way!:) yeah i sometimes do the thread/reply thing. IMO the forum should change them. or atleast make a CP option for ourselves.

Dark Abyss
18th Feb 2004, 02:59
Hey Bobman, how can i put a picture at my signature?

Umah Bloodomen
18th Feb 2004, 04:33
Originally posted by Dark Abyss
Hey Bobman, how can i put a picture at my signature?

You need to create an image which meets the established Signature Image Guidelines. You can review those in the second post of This thread (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=18223). Once you create an image, you must find an acceptable host in order to upload it to the web.

After you've done that, you want to do the following:

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18th Feb 2004, 07:20
Oh, something that should be pointed out: DON'T LEECH SOMEONE ELSES IMAGES, UNLESS YOU HAVE PERMISSION!!. Leeching is bad, m'kay. Blinc knows what I'm talking about. ;)

Later! :D

Umah Bloodomen
18th Feb 2004, 19:53
While it has only happened once at this point, I do agree that it should be emphasized. :)