View Full Version : Which do you think is the hardest Lok Game?

18th Feb 2004, 00:26
Personally, i think they are all easy except SR1. you have to kill enemies in a certain way unlike the other games. BO2 is the easiest. defiance is easy when you exit combat mode, run around dodge. i just fight like a mad man, often missing blood or reaver charges.

18th Feb 2004, 01:14
Most Challenging I would say woul Be soul reaver, because all of the puzzles, and the way you have to kill enemies, but HARDEST would have to be Blood Omen 1. Now that was actually Hard. In SR, no matter what happened, you were invincible, yeah sometimes you had to backtrack if you died in the spectral realm, but first you had to die in the material realm and still die AGAIN in the spectral realm BEFORE you can return to the material realm through a portal. Though Granted Dying in the spectral realm is easy when fighting Dumah, because he's there too. so in SR dying is hard. In BO1 I must have used 20 heart of Darkness' from the time you go back in time in william's Castle, to when you beat the game. Azimuth and getting through Avernus was hard too. Thank God those demons were slow and couldnt catch you if you ran away from them.

18th Feb 2004, 08:30
I don't understand the poll. You posed the question: "Which do you think is the hardest LoK game?" There are only five games in the series, but there are ten choices. Each game is represented with "easiest"and "hardest". :confused:

IMO, the hardest game, overall, was Blood Omen 1, with Soul Reaver 1 being a close second.

Later! :D

The Angel of Death
18th Feb 2004, 12:38
sr2,bo2,sr,bo thats ezeyst 2 harderst 4 me (i havent put diafance yet so thats y its not on the list)

Erving JeansBgone
18th Feb 2004, 14:57
the hardest one IMO has to be SR1 couse of the killing style and cube puzzles...Defiance was realy easy(could have used more puzzles and the ability to use other weapons)

Matthew Danvers
18th Feb 2004, 17:06
I think that for me one of the toughest was BO-LOK with LOK-SR being the easiest.
William's Castle was indeed quite difficult. Sometimes, in BO-LOK, it occurred that a large group of adversaries simply surrounded and forced Kain into a corner. Also, I found those floating orange wraiths that shot lightning bolts quite difficult.
I think that LOK-SR was quite easy. I don't recall too many occasions of perishing in the Spectral Realm. If I remember correctly, this happened when fighting Melchiah for the first time, since I didn't know what exactly had to be done and Melchiah following me into the Spectral Realm was also quite unexpected, yet awesome. ;)
TLOKS-SR2 seemed also quite easy, except perhaps some occasions with demons in the second era Raziel travelled to.
TLOKS-BO2 was actually quite tough for me. I even thought of adding it as my option for the hardest game in the poll, but eventually chose BO-LOK. The system in TLOKS-BO2 was quite easy, but if one made a mistake, some serious damage could have been taken.
LOK-D was, again, relatively quite easy. But awesome. :)
Although sometimes, there were indeed some quite tough encounters.

Especially the Elder, certain Vampire Pillar Guardians, Fire and Lightning Demons and those Flaming Gargoyles.

- Matt

18th Feb 2004, 20:52
I'd have to say BO1 was the most difficult because of the enormity of Nosgoth in that game and the freedom of movement. Unlike the other installments, you weren't channeled into one path and at times had no idea where you were supposed to go next.
BO2 has to be the easiest. From the fighting to Kain's path, I can finish that game in my sleep.

18th Feb 2004, 23:26
I haven't played BO1 yet (sad for me, I can't find it anywhere), so I didn't vote anything for that game... The hardest IMO was Defiance, mostly because of awful controls and camera angles during platform jumping. I loved everything else about the game though. I think SR1 was kinda hard as well, took me some time to figure out all those puzzles, but wonderful game overall. SR2 was relatively easy, at least for me. And BO2... Come on, who in their right mind would say that game was hard?

19th Feb 2004, 02:16
I thogut it was hard to find you way around with blood omen 1. (Blood fountains)

19th Feb 2004, 02:39
not really, BO1 had a map and bat beacons

The Angel of Death
19th Feb 2004, 05:18
i think Omni_Sephiroth might have ment reaching some places i rember it took me a few days 2 get 2 averness cathidral cause i had truble with findin the way through Dark Eden

The Warrior Servant
19th Feb 2004, 15:45
Ranked from easiest to hardest

BO1 : With a huge number of items (which can be attained by taking control of an enemy and taking them through a back door to the sprit forges) as well as spells (such as the shield spell) as well as the flesh armour and axes, with proper timing nothing can touch you.

BO2 : With its auto block feature and warning of unblockable attack, as well as stealth kill, this is quite an easy game.

Sr2 : A good control structure, decent combat skills and an excellent story make this an enjoyable game, however large demons attacking in numbers increases its difficulty.

Sr1 : long and laborious at times, all I remember thinking is "when will I finish this".

NOTE: I haven’t finished Defiance so I'm not ranking it however based on current play the camera issues put at about 2nd hardest. (I HAVE NOT ENTERED THE HARDEST PART YET, SO DEFIANCE MAY CHANGE TO LAST.)

20th Feb 2004, 03:02
well i guess your right i had trouble in avernus too... well i wouldn't say defiance is the hardest but who are the 5 people who said defiance is the hardest.

20th Feb 2004, 03:09
I've only played a little of BO, but I guess it could be hard. I can't really judge though.
All the others are very easy though. SR had it's puzzles, but all combat is very easy since you basically can't die. No challenge there.
SR2 was extremely easy. The one time I remember having trouble was when the huge demons right at the end started appearing. Otherwise, it was a piece of cake.
BO2 was so enormously tedious that it felt difficult, because I just strived to get to the end of each stage. Every part of it was easy, but tedious and boring.
Defiance is also very easy. If you have a basic grasp of this kind of combat, there is no way that the camera will make it hard. Really. Devil May Cry was of a good difficulty level IMO, but it was hard as heck if you compare it to Defiance. Not that I'm really complaining, since Defiance is still a ton of fun, but I wouldn't mind if the difficulty was cranked up a notch for the next installment.

al the darkness
24th Feb 2004, 03:20
i didnt have a chance to play BO...
i think
the map of SR is hard: for you have to "come back" quite often
the battle of SR2 is hard: for the enemy hit you often and hard

strange: i didnt find SR,SR2,DEFIANCE's puzzel challenge...but they are fun~

24th Feb 2004, 14:00
so blood omen is the hardest (26 votes)
and defiance is the easiest (9 votes)

25th Feb 2004, 02:10
alright since the poll is closed i would like to say the overall thing...

Blood omen 1 is the hardest (what legacyofraziel said) but sr1 is the most challenging
and soul reaver 2 is the easiest... (and the shortest:( )

The Warrior Servant
25th Feb 2004, 02:46
I still don't understand why people think that BO1 is the hardest, (I find it quite easy.) Can someone explain it?

If anything the jumps + camera in Defiance makes it the hardest.

25th Feb 2004, 14:22
I don't know how to explain it. I thought BO1 was hardest probably because it's the only one I never finished. And maybe that's because I hate 2-D scrollers? I don't know.

Of the others, I also found SR1 to be the most challenging. Defiance was easiest for me, but also the most fun.