View Full Version : It is posible to run the game under this conditions???

17th Feb 2004, 20:50
I have AMD K7 Duron - 850Mhz
256 RAM
Video Card: Riva TNT2 M64/M64 Pro
Ac`97 Sound
All DirectX 9 compatible.
It is posible to run the game??:confused:
I`m thinking to buy the game and don`t know if it will work.
I`ve seen in the requitements that requires TnL support?:confused:
What is that??(and does Riva TNT has that ?:confused: )
TnL is absolutely necesary?:confused:
Thank u!

17th Feb 2004, 20:54
Your proccesor could use an upgrade (duron is not as good quality as athlon, and 850MHz is really on the low end), but it should be ok. Your video card will definetly not work though. TnL is Transform and Lighting and is absolutely necessary to run Defiance and the TNT2 does NOT have TnL. Sorry.

18th Feb 2004, 20:06
thank u