View Full Version : [SPOILER] time to VOTE dum-dum-dum!!!!!!

17th Feb 2004, 16:01
hey, this thread for votes of any kind, i would setup a poll but i don't know how. any way heres my votes

#1: the next LOK to be on a double disk, thus a longer game.
why not? Champions of Norrath did it as i understand .

#2 perhaps more playable characters

#3 in the next title, how about not introducing the reaver elements as if was something new.

#4 keep the music team, they are doing a great job

#5 "lok- origens" i think it's about time we get to witness some of the origens, and or correct any mistakes made by previous events

17th Feb 2004, 16:54
#1 - well i'd rather a game that filled the whole disc or most of it and a second disc for bonus materials. i am on ps2 so i might have a slightly different perspective on this than you.

#2 - i got a bit annoyed to be honest with chopping between raziel and kain - as soon as i got into kain he was gone again on me!

#3 - well if we didnt have the reaver elements to gain there would be no game would there. if you look at it plainly, all we do is get an upgrade, get some more story, solve puzzles and fight a bit. i think that we wont need the upgrades anymore cos kain has the spirit reaver now doesnt he! :D

#4 - well there was no new music so they did nothing on this one did they! lol, i think they needed to compose some new music. although i did like fighting to blood omen music ;)

#5 - yeah, that would be helpful. hopefully the next one will sort this all out :) *cough* razielim *cough*

It's an obssession
28th Feb 2004, 18:09
Yeah, maybe the a 2nd disk would be better as a bonus disk - this time WITH outtakes! :D I dunno about the 'more playable characters' bit - but it's a personal opinion thing. The Reaver elements - what you said, zero01! Ah, the music... definetely a keep! :) Origins.... that would help a bit... :D