View Full Version : Kain and Mobius' staff

17th Feb 2004, 11:12
Ok i don't understand this about him. When the heart of darkness is removed from him, Kain is no longer effected by mobius's staff. Now the staff affects vampires so does that mean that as Scion of Balence, Kain is no longer a vampire? If this is the case, then why does he still have his vampiric abilities. Surely these make him as much a vampire as the heart did and thus should make him effected by the staff. I don't know the whole thing just puzzles me.


17th Feb 2004, 12:37

maybe the staff only effected the ancients, or vampires raised by more traditional means, ie the blood gift.

the staff effected janos because he was an ancient. it isn't shown, but i assume it effected vorador too, as he had vampirism passed onto him via the blood gift by the ancients. it only effected the wraith blade on raziel because it had been in the reaver, which was somehow given blood thirst by the ancients.

then it leads onto kain. he was raised through necromancy, not traditionally how vampires were raised. raziel is no longer a vampire so won't effect him anyway, and probably wouldn't if he was still a vampire.

it would make sense if the staff was originally created by the hylden, as there were only the ancients around at the time the hylden in nosgoth. therefore, only disabling the ancients.


17th Feb 2004, 14:06
exacly, what he said, that was janos's heart and hes an ancient... or a true vampire. kain was created by necromancery and since hes the balance guardian and his soul was clensed that allows him to live. kain said himself that the part the staff effected on, he no longer had