View Full Version : [SPOILER] Elder God, Fate, Death and Rebirth

17th Feb 2004, 10:42
Ok we know that EG controls every living thing in Nosgoth's Death and Rebirth and also the Wheel of Fate now there are some speculations i like to add.

Does EG have some control over time?, is he a source for Moebius' time-abilities?, remember the Ancients worshipped EG and also erected the pillars, it stands to reason that EG may have something to do with the pillars (also supported by the fact that EG is directly beneath them in SR2) and also EG always talks about the wheel fate which can be interpreted that he can see people destiny and thus time, but this is just an assumption and his wheel of fate may just mean that people return to him after death.

Now Raziel says that EG looked like he was trying to topple the pillars in SR2 but maybe he was attempting to hold them together with his tentacles, remember the pillars keep the Hylden banished and the Hylden never worshipped EG (they hated him) therefore if the pillars completely collapse then the Hylden presumably would be able to come back and be a threat to EG