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17th Feb 2004, 01:24
Blincoln has updated the first F.A.Q. of Defiance again with this quote. Thanks blincoln.

Q: Late in the game, Raziel meets Mortanius speaking his "come to me, my undead son" line, which takes place after Moebius is killed by the young Kain in Blood Omen. How can Raziel then run into Moebius in Vorador's Mansion?
A: This is a bit of a mistake due to some shuffling of the story near the end. Moebius was originally not going to make an appearance in the Mansion, but it was decided that it would make the story better to have Raziel face him again before the final battle.

It looks like at that point Moebius time travels back into the recent past to kill Vorador and get himself killed off by the young Kain.

For the full F.A.Q. at blincoln's site click the link below . http://www.thelostworlds.net/Defiance-Amy.HTML

17th Feb 2004, 01:27
hah.. EXPOSED.

17th Feb 2004, 01:49
Well, his appearance wasn't a mistake, that was intentional =). It was just that the two scenes in that order were chronologically impossible.

17th Feb 2004, 01:52
Not only that, but as Moebius is a timestreamer, it could potentially be explained away... :p

17th Feb 2004, 02:02
I'm just glad he's finally kicked the bucket... "his long life had run it's course"

17th Feb 2004, 07:26
Originally posted by kakarot
I'm just glad he's finally kicked the bucket... "his long life had run it's course"

As Raz said above, Moby is a timestreamer. There's no telling how many "versions" of him are running around wrecking havoc in Nosgoth's timeline. :p :cool:

Later! :D