View Full Version : [POSIBLE SPOILER] Elder God & Azimuth

The Angel of Death
16th Feb 2004, 04:48
1 of my friends told me that only Raziel can see the Elder God so that got me thinking so what about Azimuth the planer (guardian of th pillar of demensons) from bo1, in bo1 it said some thing about she could see into other demensons so would she be able 2 see the Elder God if she would be under gound pillar chanber in sr2 would she see him or not

16th Feb 2004, 07:57
Defiance Spoiler
once raziel gets the spirit reaver he stabs mobius and says "Mobius was unable to see the elder god untill the Reaver had purified his sight"
i doubt that the gardian of the pillar of demention would be able to see the elder god because the Ancient pillar gardians would have then know they were worshiping a false god and janos didn't act like he knew that the elder god was a Giant squid

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