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15th Feb 2004, 23:28
*Fun with enemies- imaple them onto spikes, throw them into the water, See nothing behind them? throw them off the ledge!

**Raziel's TK - lift and enemy and jump with them, then tk them, make sure the enemy's back is facing the obstance you want them to hit

***Good combo- hold the analog stick toward the enemy and press triangle then keep tapping square

***Good combo(while in air)- hold the analog stick toward the enemy and press triangle then keep tapping square

Archers- in the first chapter, the machines that shoot arrows, can me mannualy tked at and an archer will come out, you can also pull the machine toward you and an archer will come out

More room to aim- when using manual TK use the right anolog stick to give yourself more aiming room, you will not be able to see kain or raziel when you do this but you can still shoot.

Raziel hates stuff- when you first get to play as raziel, use tk right away and you will notice he keeps on shooting the elders eye. he also hates objects that have health pies and tk runes. same goes for kain

uses for reavers:
LIGHT REAVER- blind enemies to get cheap shots, useless on statues

****DARK REAVER- Better than light reaver, you are invisible nobody attacks you, best used on statues, groups, and big guys with sledge hammers.

Water REAVER- same as light reaver except it freezes enemies

****WIND REAVER- Not enought Tk? Group of enemies near water or a ledge? this thing knocks em back


DIMENSION EMBLEN- see an enemy high on a ledge and you just ran out of tk? Knock em off of that damn thing with this!

TIME EMBLEN- Kind of like raziels light reaver except the enemies still move

* you will not get combat xp if you do this

** The enemy's back does not have to face the obstacle completely

*** you need to earn the moves before you can perfom it

**** This is exteremely Useful on the big guys with sledge hammers. the wind you can now use the 3 hit combo on them with the wind reaver because they will be in a mini cyclone off in their own little world. with the dark reaver big guys can't see you, so you can jump and send a mighty blow, works well in the part with the 3 big guys in voradors mansion.

Note: For the spell tips its best to use the unlimited reaver charge (down down up left r1 r2 down triangle circle) but i don't use codes since i'm a diehard gamer

16th Feb 2004, 02:16
Cut hippl5 some slack, while us long time players may know about those fun tips, I'm sure there are those newcomers that hurry through the game the first time around and don't experiment as much as we do, skipping over such entertaining things to do.

Here are others for the list. They are more like fun things to notice.

There is a part underneath Avernus Cathedral when you are playing as Raziel that you run into your first Fire Demon. If you leave the demon alone, Cenobites (Monks) start using lighting magic to move the Demon into attacking Raziel. I was surprised by this happening they were herding the demon towards you.

When Raziel returns to Vorador's Mansion I encountered one of the "Possessed" (A Human Revenant that mutates into a deformity.) in the room with the Ancient Statue on the west side of the place. You can likely find them all over the mansion. When I first saw a Vampire Hunter mutate into the deformity I was amazed.

All you have to do is make sure there is a Hylden Spirit around, and let the Vampire Hunters live. Then watch as the spirit eventually possesses a Vampire Hunter and mutates him into a monster.

You can also find them at the Vampire Citadel too, when Raziel goes there at the end.

Here is a picture below of what they look like.


While playing as Raziel at the end of the game when you get to the Vampire Citadel, let the Fire Demon live, don't kill him. If you keep going you will run into Ward Gates, and Revenants. Kill them all and keep moving. You will run into more Revenants, including Hylden Revenants, let them live. Go back for the Fire Demon and let him follow you up to the Revenants. Watch in amazement as the Fire Demon begins to ignore you and starts attacking the Revenants instead. He incredibly does your job for you. The Revenants will even attack him and ignore you. This is something you have to see to believe.

16th Feb 2004, 02:22
thanks dogfight

i have one more thing, when you play as raziel, and you just wait there, he will look around and write something in the dirt only to erase it in a few seconds, in SR2 raziel cracks his head and back and also looks around suspiciously.

EDIT: wow that enemy looks really cool! i never saw one mutate i kill everything in sight. is that enemy hard to kill? no matter spirit reaver does the job:D

16th Feb 2004, 14:35
i forgot to add this:

do not use kains lightning spell, your better off using the first spell you got.

as soon as you get the psirit reaver always use it! (to bad you have it for a very short time:( )

16th Feb 2004, 15:34
nah, use dimension reaver spell

van_HellSing PL
16th Feb 2004, 15:44
Zephon, I don't think you're allowed to include those pics in your every post, and besides, you should ask for blincolns permission to use them.

16th Feb 2004, 15:51
hey Dogfight , realy great hints better than hippl5, ceause everybody knew that!!

good work Dogfight!!;)

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