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15th Feb 2004, 19:18
Im not sure if I'm the only person who has had this problem, but hopefully someone here will know whats wrong.

Ok, here goes. Im in chapter 8 at the mansion (forgot the vampires name, lol), ive just received the second champion spear (the one with the gargoyle heads and the light spheres in the room) to get there I have to jump across the pillars of the courtyard, all well and good - but my problem lies in getting back to the fountain.
When i go through the broken window in the front of the mansion and make my way down to the large circular room a large door blocks my path. Now this may not seem strange but its NEVER been there before - and i cant find any possible way of getting past it.

I have one idea why the door is there however - after getting the first spear and making my way back to the fountain via the same route as described above, I had to fight two stone statues (the big vampire ones) and 6 of the zombie guys, but before the fight all the exits were blocked (as usual) but when i finished fighting them all the exits weren't unblocked but I could still open the doors to get out. So im thinking that the door is in my way because it never went away after the fight..

:| big explanation lol, if anyone knows how i can get around this it would be appreciated. Also if anyone knows of a way to activate a debug mode or somesuch so i can just go through the door? -.- I really dont want to start the game from the start again.

15th Feb 2004, 19:22
This has come up before, and I can't tell if you people are just going the wrong way or there really is a bug. I would put my $$ on people going the wrong way....

You dont have any other saves? Ya always have to have a couple saves just in case- no game is purr-fect.

15th Feb 2004, 19:24
I dont think i did go the wrong way :/ there is one other way I could get around it, the window I used to get onto the courtyard walls but i cant jump high enough to get back through it.

I know what you mean about the saves -.- i wish I had now, it jus didnt occur to me lol

15th Feb 2004, 19:31
Did you go from one side of the balcony yet to the other? I mean, outside in the courtyard, you make your way from one side to the other via gliding and shifitng?

I got stuck in this area because of this. I wish I could be of more help, but, I havnt played the game in months.

15th Feb 2004, 19:35
Yup ive done all that, its getting back into the mansion that is proving a problem :|

Is there no way to reset the level? I dont mind doing the level over again -.-

15th Feb 2004, 23:26
I had exactly the same problem. I even logged it as a bug at Eidos UK. But I hope you are sitting down, because here is some news:

You have to restart the whole game, unless you have an earlier save. I had to do the same. This time, however, make sure to use more than 1 slot to save your games. I used only one the first time, and three the next. On my second play there was no golden door blocking the mansion entrance! I saw someone mention that bugs get introduced when you use only one save slot.

Good luck!

King Otmar
16th Feb 2004, 14:21
Has Eidos got a room full of board games that they use for research?

16th Mar 2004, 11:18
yeh my friend is having the same problem wich is wierd coz she borowed my game and i didn't have that problem, anyway i got it back off her coz i thought she had gone the wrong way, but yeah its a glitch..... she's gonna be devostated to find out she has to replay the game all over again lol!