View Full Version : slugs and buckshot?

15th Feb 2004, 17:31
i have played hitman 1 and most of hitman 2 and one of the few things i dont like is the shotguns they seem to be underpowerd. in hitman one if you put the game in slowmotion and shoot the shot gun at the wall only one of the pellets makes a flash of light even though you see about 10 pellets in the air, in hitman 2 you see the same 10 pellets but only 3 of them make a bullet hole or flash of light. it would occure to me to you would want to have a wide blast with a shot gun in an close in fighting environment . what i would like to see would be a choice between slugs or buckshot it would be semi unrealistic but a nice option. all the power in one slug or a spread of shot to give you a wider fireing arc. you chould just change the fireing mode like you do on a full auto gun.