View Full Version : I-am The-last-man-standing

15th Feb 2004, 14:14
no no no
i am still the last man standing
everbody have defiance in ther hands
but i am empty handed
so i have no news abot defiance but i can wait more
and just for you to know now in here its 15\2 and it was sapues to came in the 6 but never mind i will just wait and wait and wait

15th Feb 2004, 14:17
we will pray to the Lok gods for mercy on youre behalve

15th Feb 2004, 14:29
thenk you!:D
i think

19th Feb 2004, 20:08
Still without Lok D? I feel ur pain!!!!!!!:eek:

19th Feb 2004, 21:04
still no lok
sorry inded:(

19th Feb 2004, 21:08
but...(sniff) dont worry abot me:(
i will continue to wait:(

The Angel of Death
22nd Feb 2004, 02:16
i also dont have LOKD i als want it (i look at screen shots of it & it makes me want it more)

22nd Feb 2004, 04:29
I've never even SEEN a copy of Defiance.

22nd Feb 2004, 14:05
i hevent saw defiance yet

the 7th lieutenant
22nd Feb 2004, 15:40
I don't have it either.
that stinkin' store here in town doesn't have it. I have to wait till I can go to the big city and look for it there.

Blasted idiots...
Why? Life's not fair!:(

22nd Feb 2004, 18:59
You have my heartfelt sympathies...(as a british type, for whom feb the 6th felt like an eternity away).
But the game's worth it, I promise :) Hope ya get it soon!