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Black Knight6662000
14th Feb 2004, 23:26
In DX:IW the resolution of the textures were, well, under par. I just recently saw a high-res texture pack released for it which makes it comparable to today's games (finally). I also have seen some of the newest screens of T3. Well the texture looks just as bad as DX:IW original textures. I have DX:IW and lots hate it and some liked it. My feelings were mixed where there were some great improvements and some things that should not have been messed with. Anyone know if T3 will have higher resolution textures or are these screens still too earlier. The official site says a release in spring 04. Thats real soon. Warren spoke of how DX:IW went and doesnt want to make the same mistakes. One should be to have these beautiful high-res textures with the release of T3, not a 50 MB download 4 months after the release. T3 I am excited for because if they dont make the mistakes they made in DX:IW and keep all the new cool stuff, then it should be a hit.

15th Feb 2004, 00:53
I was not aware of the DX problem, and now I am getting the shakes a little. Some of the T3 screens I have seen in the past do look a little washed out, but that might be the drap look they are going for in some missions. If a hi-res texture pack followed for DX, then I can't see the smae mistake being made twice.