View Full Version : Janos Audron?

It's an obssession
14th Feb 2004, 22:01
How come Janos is in BO2- thrown into the Hylden gate, but is in SR2?

van_HellSing PL
14th Feb 2004, 22:03
What are you talking about? BO2 takes place after the events of SR2!!!

14th Feb 2004, 22:50
Janos is in BO2 because of the events which happend in Defiance, which occured after SR2, but also within a timeperiod within SR2 and at that point it gets all confusing with timeperiods and history and paradox's and stuff. ;)


It's an obssession
15th Feb 2004, 17:39
Sorry............ I got a bit confused (again)! I understand now, thanks van_HellSing PL and Jeffers. I just got mixed up....I think. >sigh< I just LOVE this game's confusing storyline and I'm NOT being sarcastic!