View Full Version : pc debug menu???

14th Feb 2004, 16:01
is there a pc debug menu? i am pleased with having the cheats and all, but really wanted to use the different reaver blades early on (the time blade with kain against the sarafan, how cool would that be :D

van_HellSing PL
14th Feb 2004, 16:04
It's probably impossible... :(

14th Feb 2004, 20:32
I'm not sure if it's in there, but even if it is someone who likes to hack x86 assembly would be needed in order to unlock it.

I tried getting into the menu in the PC version of Soul Reaver and x86 just gives me a big headache.

15th Feb 2004, 11:02
i dont know much about hacking, but surly it is easier to hack on a pc than a console, since a console you have to do things to, then find a way to write it, whereas a pc you would just export it into a programing language utility such as C++???

i am probably WAAAAAAAAAY of with the understanding ;)

15th Feb 2004, 13:22
No, you can't decompile programs back to C++ code. All you can do in terms of hacking is to use a disassembler. I use one for PS2 games, but the assembly language they use (MIPS) is a lot more straightforward than the x86 assembly that PCs understand.

There are people out there that can hack x86, I'm just not one of them.

15th Feb 2004, 13:51
Know any sites where I could find out about it?

16th Feb 2004, 11:33
Not really. I'm sure google would turn up some tutorials though.

My main complaint is that there are no x86 disassemblers that are even close to as good as PS2Dis. All of the ones that I tried would just give you essentially a printout of the disassembly, not an interactive workspace like PS2Dis.

x86 is also a headache to figure out. It's like those "art cars" that people glue action figures and other tchotchkes all over - you can still vaguely see the original core, but it's got a whole bunch of extra crap grafted on.