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13th Feb 2004, 22:24

I have no idea what to do once you have jumped to the second ledge.

Can anyone help? Is there and easy way to do this?

Thanks for your time! :D

14th Feb 2004, 03:51
No, there is no easy way. And I don't know exactly what you mean by the second ledge.

Save the game in different slots as you progress to the several safe stopping points.

From the starting position you move to the left wall (safe), then forward and hop (safe), then run across and jump to the right wall (safe), then sideways along narrow ledge (safe), then left to the middle; as the block falls forward jump, turn right, jump, run and jump to far left corner (safe), run to the right along the far wall, jump, pullup, pullup to the far right corner (safe), turn right and walk to the edge, then jump with grab, pullup, jump with grab (safe), then run around and forward and jump towards the door and you are there. And this was the easy part.

Since that probably makes no sense, try Stella:


Young Raider
15th Feb 2004, 05:44
Stella knows best my friend Stella knows best