View Full Version : as long as its hard enough

13th Feb 2004, 21:08
basically, as long as the games not too easy, it'll rock. from what ive seen so far, i have no issues with it. the lighting engine looks good, and all the right ingredients are there again. oh, and for all those of you getting your pee in a froth over the wall-climbing gloves, the original press release said that they would only be usable on masonry surfaces. ie: anything made of brick or mortar. this imposes enough of a limitation to simply add to the gampeplay rather than totally change it. i think its a pretty cool addition.

15th Feb 2004, 01:00
Well I hope the new AI will give the bumbling thief a run for his money (unlike the previous grubbers), and it certainly looks that way. As long as we have an expert seting that is actually hard, we should be alright.