View Full Version : While you're waiting for Thief 3

13th Feb 2004, 12:41
I am so excited about the upcoming Thief game but while I'm waiting I've been playing Arx Fatalis on my PC.

I must have missed this game when it was launched and only noticed it because of it's recent appearance as an Xbox title. I picked up a copy for my PC for $20 bucks and I love it.

It's a really good dungeon crawl with lots of interesting stuff along the way. It reminds me of Ultima Underworld with much (MUCH) better graphics. And it's got an interesting magic system that has really gotten my interest (though it's a pain when the bad guys are beating on you).

You even can use the bow (Like in Thief, but not quite as effective). Hey for $20 bucks you could do worse.

13th Feb 2004, 14:55
yeah, the magic system used is great. a bit of a pain to use though...for me at least. makes me feel like i need to have an artist's grace just to perform the simplest of spells.