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13th Feb 2004, 10:06
There's one repeating offense with every Ion Storm game that has ever been made. It's not about their games being good, bad, awful, rotten or, indeed, downright abysmal. It's not about ruining sequels* or being unable to properly incorporate stealth in some of their action oriented titles that supposedly allow a stealthy approach. It's the graphics. Or, being more specific, Ion Storm can't model worth of *****.

It seems that, whenever an Ion Storm game hits the market, it usually (Well, it did so with DX2, DX1 and Daikatana [If it hadn't been delayed 'till the end of days that is]) is utilizing one of the strongest and most popular engines in the market. But for some reason, when it comes to modelling, these guys just can't get it right. The models in DX2 were on par with Quake 3's, the models in DX1 were on par with Half-Life's and Thief 3... Well, from what little we have seen of the models and especially faces in lit areas, they look HORRIBLE. Guys, your models are constantly being left behind by games that are two years old! The ones in Thief 3, for example, they're dull, they're lifeless, the coloring is crappy and well, if Deus Ex 2 is anything to judge by, then hell, it looks even worse than Deus Ex 2! Sure, they're relying on U2's engine's effects and nifty shadows to compensate for it all, all the while using the best and safest known cure for ugliness known to man - darkness, but hey, come on, if a player stops for a moment and looks around he'll notice that the models are just damned ugly!

It's not like it's a minor offense, either. Just like the fact Raven hadn't ever made a single game with an actual SOUL that made you like it beyond the usually beautiful graphics and usually well balanced mechanics, Ion Storm hadn't made a single game that didn't make you go "Well, that was good\nice\bad\awful, I just wander why the hell it had to look like it's two years old."

Anyway, I'm betting it's kinda too late for remaking the models since the game's almost done and all, but um... Fire the modellers. Or atleast threaten them with severe beatings so they'd work harder. Stop being left behind, damnit, you're one of the world's leading game developers now! :\

*Yes, this is a reference to Deus Ex: IW. It sucks. It's a horrible horrible game even without mentioning it tarnishes the name of Deus Ex 1. 'Course, unlike alot of people, I don't blame the consoles for making DX2 suck - I blame Ion Storm for making DX2 suck.

13th Feb 2004, 20:45
yup, the main characters models were the worst models in IW, and they SHOULD be the best of them all! (i mean the Alex's models, the rest were okey, maybe not best but okey..)