View Full Version : IGN Speaks up.

13th Feb 2004, 07:07
IGN webpage is my number one site for Gaming news and reviews. Finally they have Previewed Thief III, Err cough, Deadly shadows. Theres some decent stuff to say in there. The best which Will please most people:

"During the demo to the game, we were shown a couple of different levels to the game. The first was shown on the PC version and was running surprisingly smoothly given the state of Deus Ex. It looked great, seemed to control well, and was suffering very little slowdown"

The Next thing I found that most excites me:

"Saving the world and stealing things in each of these levels wasn't really enough. Now, in between story levels, those that would like to can wander around the city and rob people blind. You can feel free to take your time in these areas to explore, but you won't get "missions" from anybody here. Instead, you'll have to listen to the happenings around you for clues where you'll find some good loot......"

Finally, an open ended gameplay of city thieving, Thats very exciting to me. It'll be awesome to just take some time in between missions and do what you do best..Rob people. Good addition.

I think we can expect good things this Spring.

Full preview @ http://pc.ign.com/articles/492/492154p1.html