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13th Feb 2004, 04:47
Looks like there is a second TR novel in the works. Amazon has the cover but no description. Comes out August 3, 2004.


Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/034546172X/qid=1076629424/sr=1-7/ref=sr_1_7/102-7165032-1795328?v=glance&s=books#product-details)

14th Feb 2004, 02:05
E.E. Knight writes vampire novels (which I have never read)
but he is a huge H.P. Lovecraft fan, and that intrigues me...

14th Feb 2004, 02:45
Just by the title alone, it sounds much more promising than the previous one.

Blind Intentions
14th Feb 2004, 04:08
Grrrrr I wish they would quit using AOD pictures as covers! Granted they are nice pics, but I dont see why they couldn't have an artist make a cover for the books

14th Feb 2004, 16:37
I wounldn't mind some original Andy Park covers...

14th Feb 2004, 21:12
Or better yet, Adam Hughes!

14th Feb 2004, 23:10

But tha's besides the point... The point is that this book intruigues me and i think i may actually buy it!!!

The fact that the title has the word cult in it interests me a lot. It sounds like it's gonna be dark and different.

As long as it's another story about some stupid cult looking for an artifact of great and mystical powers.

The really need to take Lara Croft to new places thematically and story-line wise.

I have yet play AOD but from what i've heard i believe it's a step in the right direction. At least conceptually.

John Carter
15th Feb 2004, 00:14
You know, old EE there actually signed up for this forum and posted once, I noticed his occupation in his profile and looked at his website, oh, about 6-8 months ago. PM'd him and he said he'd joined up to get a feel for what Lara's fans thought about her. Forget his username, but it very well may have been ee knight.

I look forward to the new book, thanks for turning us on to it, Trinity34!

16th Feb 2004, 05:28
Mars, I find that oddly amusing...Deek, that too. How can anyone not be a huge Lovecraft fan? ;)

16th Feb 2004, 15:07
Originally posted by CatSuit&Ponytail
How can anyone not be a huge Lovecraft fan?
Only the uninitiated.

31st Jul 2004, 01:12
Don't forget! It comes out Tuesday! :)


Lara Croft: Tomb Raider: The Lost Cult

Written by E.E. Knight
Fiction - Science Fiction - Adventure; Fiction - Adventure; Fiction - Action | Paperback, 320 pages | August 2004 | $6.99 | 0-345-46172-X

While on a mission for the CIA to recover stolen Iraqi artifacts, Lara Croft narrowly escapes death–only to be thrown headlong into her next action-packed adventure.

After destroying years of his research on the ancient Méne cult, archaeologist Professor Frys is murdered by an unknown assassin. Lara Croft knows her colleague must have stumbled upon a dangerous secret–and someone took his life to ensure it would remain in the shadows. So Lara jets to the mysterious cloud forests of eastern Peru, home of the Méne ruins, and makes a shocking discovery: A group is attempting to revive the sinister cult and its mind-controlling ways. One of the followers is Lara’s former friend and failed protégé, Tomb Raider Ajay–and she is determined to see Lara silenced . . . permanently. But Lara, never one to run from a challenge, has other plans.

2nd Aug 2004, 02:04
[i] Forget his username, but it very well may have been ee knight.

I look forward to the new book, thanks for turning us on to it, Trinity34! [/B]

Yeah, it was me, and yeah, who isn't a huge Lovecraft fan?

Anyway, I took my best shot with Lara in LOST CULT. I know my take on her won't please everyone, but I did bring to life the thrill-seeking, lusty, busty, two-gunned gal I followed through way too many hours of PC gaming.

For those of you who were wondering, I didn't include any AOD characters (sorry, Kurtis Trent fan club), though I ref it once or twice. Frankly, I don't know where they are going with the next game and I didn't want to stomp on anyone's toes. The only other game personage I brought to life was good old Winston (minus the sound effects), but I don't think he's going anywhere. Except to fill another tray with tea.

The story mostly takes place in England, Peru, and the South Pacific, with a couple little side-jaunts to the Indian Ocean. No vampires. Enjoy!


sk8er punk
2nd Aug 2004, 02:06
Today is August 1st, and I already have a copy on my beside table! I got it early!!!

I just went into chapters, asked an employee if it was in yet (knowing it didn't come out until the 3rd), he said it had just arrived and was in the back. I asked him if he could go back and get me one and he did, no questions asked. I paid for it at the cash with no problems and now I've finally started it!

I've only read the prologue, but so far it's very good. Much better than the last. Even Lara seems more Lara this time around! Of course, I'll have more thoughts on it when I finish reading...

Oh, and if you dont believe me, The first word in the prologue is "The" and the last word of the prologue is "you?".

Even look below, no edits.

sk8er punk
2nd Aug 2004, 02:07
Holy Crap!! I posted at the same time as the author!!

Very good book so far. Great Job!!! Keep it up and write another!!!

2nd Aug 2004, 02:10
Originally posted by sk8er punk
Great Job!!! Keep it up and write another!!!

Thanks! I certainly wouldn't say no, I LOVE Lara. I think being invited back depends on the success of the book series. There was some talk about six being commissioned, but I only know of authors being lined up for the first three, two of which are now out.

sk8er punk
2nd Aug 2004, 02:16
I know exactly how you feel about writing about Lara.
Shameless Self-Promotion: Get yourselves a copy of Tales of Lara Croft #3 for my TR writing debut, "The Emerald of Death" (if anyone wants to read it early, drop me a PM or email, jhamon@netscape.ca ).

I really hope you're asked to do another book, that would be great. I'm really into your writing style, I'll definately be picking up copies of your other books.

2nd Aug 2004, 12:47
eeknight, it is good to see you here :)

I will be popping into Forbidden Planet (here in ye olde London) later this week to pick up a copy.

I am really looking forward to it.

Nice one!!!

2nd Aug 2004, 13:45
Originally posted by Blue Skies

I will be popping into Forbidden Planet (here in ye olde London) later this week to pick up a copy.

I keep hearing about Forbidden Planet, but have yet to visit. Next time I'm your side of the pond for sure.

My own favorite bookstore here in the States is Dreamhaven in Minneapolis.

3rd Aug 2004, 00:45
Hey Eric its good to see you posting here. :) Maybe people can post their reviews of the book here on the forum. It would be interesting to hear what people have to say.

Btw, Eric, would you be willing to do an interview to promote your novel? :D We could do it by email if you like.

3rd Aug 2004, 01:08
Sure... email, chat, anything you like.



3rd Aug 2004, 05:00
Coolio. Check your email. :)

8th Aug 2004, 00:51
Well, I finished the second official novel based on Lara and I have to say I'm disappointed. Granted that Knight seems to have a better feel for the character than Mike Resnick, author of "The Amulet of Power," it still didn't seem like I was reading about the Lara Croft I have spent so much time with. And this is despite the numerous references to her past adventures that he sprinkles liberally througout the book. I've also read that he's a fan of the games, which only makes his particular take on Lady Croft all the more disappointing. At least Resnick's interpretation could be excused on the grounds that he hadn't invested much time actually playing any of the TR games; Knight can't fall back on such an excuse.

One infuriating habit he had was referring to Lara as "the Tomb Raider" throughout much of the book, rather than using her proper name. I found that to be just plain silly, especially in circumstances where it was clearly being used as a title by other characters. :rolleyes:

Without giving anything away, I must say that the ending especially disappointed me. It was obviously rushed and left me very unsatisfied. :(

Oh, and here's a question for you purists: ;)

Is it possible for the Lara from the games and the movies to be the same person? I'm asking because Knight not only makes reference to her gaming adventures, but also very specifically to her motion picture exploits as well. Odd...

Finally, again without revealing too much (I hope), this guy will be lucky if the estate of HP Lovecraft doesn't sue him for copyright infringement! :eek:

sk8er punk
9th Aug 2004, 02:38
Well, I finished it as well, and feel I got something good out of it. The general plot is good, new characters are great in the sense that they actually have some character, and the environments were easily imagined from all the discriptions. In my opinion Knight's Lara was a pleasant mix between that of the games and that of the films, leaning just slightly to the games side. The references were well placed and really added some beck story. I'm not quite sure I liked "Borg", but what he brought to the plot was well fitted and he didn't seem like the burden to Lara as I originally imagined. Heather was ace, perfectly fitted and played out. Ajay was a bit of a dissapointment though, she needed more of a personal back story and some presonality reflecting dialogue. The end fits well, but would have been so much better if it wasn't so rushed and better explained things, including environmental details and character emotions. The creatures lurking in the bottom of the pit with the panels could have used better discription as well, especially the "debris" on the ground in their scene.

All in all, I give this book 4 out of 5. It is sooooo much better than the first one by Resnick.

12th Aug 2004, 16:41
Picked it up yesterday, and will start reading it after this weekend.
Cap'n Skusting's Official Review will follow...

12th Aug 2004, 18:44
Yes, can't wait to read as many reviews as possible.

9th Sep 2004, 17:06
Finished it yesterday. It took me a while, because I do 95% of all my reading
(comics and books both) on the subways to and from work. Finished it off Tuesday and Wednesday on a flight to and from Milwaukee.
I liked it. Full review to come. And I even had an "in sense-a-round" experience
to go with it....

10th Sep 2004, 00:16
So um... where is everyone else's review? :)

10th Sep 2004, 12:24
Yes. I liked it. C'mon people, what's not to like. We're not talking War and Peace or an attempt at a Pulitzer. This was good clean genuine pulp style adventure fare. I agree with many things that Sk8ter Punk said.
I was glad E.E. made use of and gave reference too what has gone before. It kept
the story more cohesive to the whole. (We'll leave the comics out of this).
E.E. was right when he told me during the chat at LCO that there were some Lovecraft references. And plenty of them as it turns out.
The whole concept of the Deep Gods and their mutant fishmen servants is pure H.P. And the in the world of Lovecraft fans, this concept has been expanded to mythical proprtions almost to the point of being claimed as real.
Perfect fodder for a Lara Croft adventure. (Level bildres take note.)
They say timing is everything.
As I was finishing up the book, I was on a flight back to NYC from Milwaukee.
We hit turbulance at the exact moment Lara and Borg were having their
Zodiac ride in the South Pacific. It made the reading that passage a lot more fun.
I had a good time reading this. I did like it better than the first. Now I'm gonna
have to check out some of E.E.'s other work.

10th Sep 2004, 20:54
Michael Turner and Andy Park are AWESOME artists. I wouldn't mind if they drew a cover. Does anyone know if there's going to be a 3rd book?

10th Sep 2004, 21:47
Yes there is a third book due out in December 2004. The title is Lara Croft: Tomb Raider: The Man of Bronze buy James Alan Gardner. :)

5th Oct 2004, 09:08
Finally finished the book I enjoyed both of them I just didn't like the way Lara says "ajay was her best friend" that made me sad but in the end she betrayed larlar

5th Oct 2004, 19:18
I just finished “The Lost Cult” a few days ago and I’m torn between liking it and giving it the thumbs down.
One main part that bothered me was the fact that some of the descriptions were a little too complicated. There were a lot of details for Lara’s actions and surroundings that didn’t make much sense to me. I found myself having to reread some parts because of how complex (or maybe just badly written) they were.

To counteract my disappointment with E.E Knight’s writing style, I was very pleased that he had characters that I’ve never read about before. Borg was very interesting; Heather and Ajay were as well. The main problem I had with Ajay is her background with Lara. With me, it just seems that I can only believe the information on Lara’s background if it’s in an actual game. Any other place that I read about her just seems fake to me. (For example, I don't count the "Movie Lara" as the same Lara that I know nor do I read the comics because some of the writers have no clue what they're talking about.)

Lara’s character annoyed me a little as well. Although she was very strong, self-confident and determined, she seemed a little quiet and boorishly sarcastic. Her words seemed very cliché and pseudo-dramatic. The Lara that I know from the game has a slight, humorous side and isn't as snappy.

Also, what always irks me in both the movies and books is the fact that Lara goes on “missions/adventures” with someone, not by herself. The quote from her biography is, “…the truth dawned on her that she only felt truly alive while exploring alone.” Unfortunately, in the first book (“The Amulet of Power”) she had Kevin Mason, (AKA Khaled Ahmed Mohammed el-Shakir. Phew, that was a mouth full) Omar, Hassam, and Gaafar. In the second she was with Borg (You could also count Heather if you wanted to). I just wish for once someone would write a part in the story with her alone, in her element, fighting her way through a situation without having someone else to worry about.

I also didn’t like the fact that everyone knew her as the High-and-mighty, All-powerful Lara Croft. She seemed *too* perfect in the novel, like she was better then everyone else. She didn’t seem to care that other people looked up to and respected her; she just brushed them off. She appeared really rude at some points as well. Also, I like characters with flaws that they have to overcome. If Lara had a weakness then it would cause the reader to cheer her on to fight against what’s holding her back.

With the characters (because no book is genuinely good unless the characters are outstanding), I think that my favorite may have been Heather (not in the beginning) towards the end when she started to appear as an original character. When she first showed up I was thinking, “Good Lord, I hope that she isn’t one of those characters that are apparently good in the beginning but stabs Lara in the back.” I hate those kind of plot twists. They aren’t original at all.

Also, after hearing so much of Ajay throughout the book, when I finally met her she was kind of...boring and plain. She was an angry, pistol holding, greedy chick who didn’t care for anyone other then herself. It wouldn't have taken that much skill to deepen her character. Instead of making her like every other evil female in all those other action movies, maybe there should have been more thought put into her.

The ending chapter (not the epilogue) was way too rushed. The middle dragged on a bit as well. It was sad that you knew Lara and Borg would eventually “win” at the end. That’s always how these books turn out. For once I would actually like to see an ending where the fate of the characters is unknown. It would be something different in the sea of mindless, derivative action novels.

In the end, all I can say is that it was better then the first one. My favorite part was the epilogue, because you knew Lara would be going off to do bigger and better things. The grammar and structure of E.E Knights book was more mature than Mike Resnick, and I liked that about him. I just hope that the third book follows the apparent trend of the successor being better then its predecessor.