View Full Version : Can you lean?

12th Feb 2004, 22:53
Can you lean to the side to poke your head around a corner, rumor had it that the answer was no.

12th Feb 2004, 23:30
if you're refering to thief 3...then they better put the ******* leans in the game. i will not approve of having to rely on the third person feature just to see around a corner.

and maybe i'm being a bit extreme here, but if i hear that there won't be any leaning in the game, then **** both ion storm and eidos. i will not be putting up with more xbox ********, and will NOT buy the game. but i'll still play it.

take that as you will.

Mr. Perfect
13th Feb 2004, 06:04
Calm down folks, there has been no offical word on it. Everything floating around is speculation.

Tin Star
13th Feb 2004, 08:43
If you go by the write up gamespot just posted today you will be able to lean in the game.

Tin Star

13th Feb 2004, 13:58
Cool. It just wouldn't be thief without it.

13th Feb 2004, 15:28
...the game has a streamlined control scheme that allows Garrett to quickly switch weapons and active items; he can also lean around corners to see any oncoming enemies.

Grey Mouser
14th Feb 2004, 00:54
Originally posted by HOC

take that as you will.

I would take it to mean you don't really want to hang out around here for long...so watch your language and keep the veiled piracy-threats to yourself. I personally find them unamusing.

However, as Tin Star noted, Thief III will indeed have Lean. So calm down, yes?

14th Feb 2004, 00:57
I don't want a streamlined control scheme...not Xbox dummied up control HUD type...won't exactly be DE:IW looking but too close for comfort from the looks of things...abit a limited view but the Icon/number thing doesn't get it from my perspective!!!

OK so leanings in but I don't want just side to side (peek around corners)...what about forward???? And PLEASE...I do not want to have to use third person views to see in front of me in those instances either!!!! In fact, I hate the idea of third person being included...that is not a true FPS style of playing but a mock up of it :( Sorry folks but I'm really getting ticked off again what they're trying to do with this game. They've already destroyed DE II for me and I'm not very impressed with T3 yet as far as advancements in the gameplay either. Ta and Good Hunting!