View Full Version : I am an FPS'r, but will like to use 3rd-p sometimes

12th Feb 2004, 22:31
I was surprised to read that they'll put in 3rd-person view, but I'm glad they are making it easy to switch between first and third person view. Some games recently have done a pretty good job of mixing views like that.

I'm hardcore for FPS, but I can imagine the cool gameplay with third person though... imagine climbing a building, or swinging on a rope... all of that stuff looks great in third-person.

Take James Bond Nightfire for example... anyone here played that? Not such a hot game, but it had some good things. In the first level you infiltrate a castle... and at one spot you need to jump up and grab a wire and climb across it. When you stand beside it, you see an action icon... you press use... and then the camera comes out to 3rd-person and you're hanging by both hands off the wire. You climb across, jump off, and it quickly zooms back to first-person. It's done so smoothly... it's awesome for all kinds of stunt scenes like that.

THAT is what I hope they're doing.

12th Feb 2004, 22:44
dont think its any automatic switching..
its for you to choose...

12th Feb 2004, 23:36
at first i thought the third person element was being added in to give the game a more splinter cell feeling.

but then i remembered the engine they're using, which is the havoc. and the engine allows for dynamic lighting. for those of ya that aren't sure what thay means, it means your shadow will move depending on where you are located within the source of light.

so, after realizing that, i realized that because of this element, a third person feature may do more good than harm. AS LONG AS you DON'T have to RELY ON IT AT ALL.

12th Feb 2004, 23:48
Havoc eh? Isn't that the technology with all the fancy real-time physics too?

You can see that in Max Payne 2... it's totally awesome. Objects all over the place are interactive and act life-like when touched... ie bouncing, falling, etc.

Devastation has that... so does Far Cry, and other games. Max Payne 2 is the best example though.

Hey imagine you're about to steal a candleabra, but you accidentally knock it over and it falls and makes a noise!... Or you try to grab a crystal ball and it falls loudly and rolls on a wooden floor? AWESOME...

If they do that kind of stuff.... combined with EAX3 .... Hooo wow.

13th Feb 2004, 00:43
Yeah, Havoc is a physics engine. The game engine for this is supposed to be the same one they used for DX:IW. That one started out as a build of the Unreal engine, but had most everything replaced. They licensed the Havoc physics engine, and made their own real-time dynamic lighting engine for it. I played (and loved) Splinter Cell, so the third person view has some real plusses for a stealth game. But, it is very true that it hurts immersiveness. Last night I dug out my old disk of Thief:The Dark Project, reinstalled it, and started playing with all the lights in the apartment out. Man, I had forgotten just how intense that can be. I will have to wait till I get into the game to decide which viewpoint I am going to use.