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12th Feb 2004, 15:26
Happy Birthday sweet friend, with your lovely waving hair and you big beautiful eyes I wish you all the happiness in the world. and give you a big bear hug and your gift. Lara opens gift, she loves more clothes for raiding, shot glasses and her fav chocolate, she gives me bear hug and angelic smile. :D Lara rolled her eyes laughed at me when she saw what was written on the shot glasses and said, "Your a worry Thanh". I told her the last one is especially for her, especially once she has one of my drinks hehe. I also told her I brought myself a set so we'd have the same. The glasses take you through the four stages of being drunk from being sober to being intoxicated to no return.

12th Feb 2004, 17:32
Starting early? Fine by me!


"we gladly feast on those who would subdue us"

12th Feb 2004, 21:27
In another forum I go to regularly, Lara invited all her friends to her birthdayparty!

But, to get an invitation, you had to send her a card... one that you made yourself, or a written poem with an existing card...

But I forgot to send a card! :( I know, I know, I'm just so forgetful!

So, instead I wrote her a birthday song (lyrics from a swedish song, text by me) and showed up at her doorstep singing it as a surprise!

I hope she'll invite me to her party when she hears this (http://www.tipsko.nl/birthday.mp3) !

I can sing a bit better than this, those of you who heard me know s that! :D

Many thanks to Tipsko for hosting this! :) And to CyCro for making it sound as if I'm not standing in front of the puter singing... ;)

12th Feb 2004, 21:50
I like the song! :) And Lara will too, no doubt about it :D

12th Feb 2004, 22:41
Solange your song is beautiful!!! ;) Here is my entry in the said competition!! ;)


THE True Lara
12th Feb 2004, 22:49
That's a card any girl would be chuffed to recieved LM :)
-and hats off to you for using the original CGI Lara http://forums.eidosgames.com/images/icons/icon14.gif

13th Feb 2004, 02:07
Originally posted by LARAMANIAC
Here is my entry in the said competition!!

They're not letting you link!:(

13th Feb 2004, 21:13
Happy Birthday Lara! May you never grow old and always be the heroine of our hearts! Have a cool (virtual) birthday!

13th Feb 2004, 23:38
Originally posted by DEEKMAN
They're not letting you link!:(

They kicked me out it seems! :(

14th Feb 2004, 22:56
Fixed!! :D

15th Feb 2004, 00:00
Originally posted by LARAMANIAC
And I like your tag line "wait...there's more...".
That's what I call keepin' the faith!

John Carter
15th Feb 2004, 00:00

Wow, look at all the cool prose and art and music your adoring fans have made for you! That's great stuff, all of you.

Being what we might call talent-challenged along those lines, I offer what I can, my sincerest wishes for the happiest of birthdays and another year of thrilling raiding and death-escaping.

16th Feb 2004, 22:52
Solange; loverly song, very clever of you :D :)

17th Feb 2004, 02:21
Happy Birthday, Lara!!!

18th Feb 2004, 14:15
And for those of you who may have missed it, you can enjoy a birthday party at Lara's mansion. Just go here (http://www.trle.net/AuthorListingLP.htm) and look for Lilian Bobola's level Lara's Birthday 2003 (revised).

18th Feb 2004, 14:37
Happy birthday, my dearest Lara. Wish you can find the one you love to spend your birthday and Valentine's day with you:)