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11th Feb 2004, 23:39
Hey all,
Karl Wagner has been kind enough to put together and host some of the Defiance outtakes that were unfortunately missing from the European versions of Defiance. I am told more will show up shortly.

Hope this satisfies your outtake hunger!
Be sure to thank him.

12th Feb 2004, 07:18
How wonderful! :D

What a great guy! Thanks a lot Karl.
And to you too, Chris for sharing. :)

Devil N
12th Feb 2004, 09:52
We've just put up two more voice session movies. One normal voice session, one outtake. They can be downloaded in the same place, of course.

There's still lots more to come, so try to be patient :)

van_HellSing PL
12th Feb 2004, 10:07
Wow, i never thought I'd live to see those outtakes :D. But I have a little problem - although I installed the codecs, I can't see the video :(...

Vampiric Fool
12th Feb 2004, 11:42
Ahh, Good to see that I can download them. Can I make a suggestion though? Is it possible to list the size next to each file? Some people are on 56k (Like me :)), and prefer to make plans before downloading :)

Devil N
12th Feb 2004, 12:49
Originally posted by van_HellSing PL
Wow, i never thought I'd live to see those outtakes :D. But I have a little problem - although I installed the codecs, I can't see the video :(...
Hmm, that's odd. It's a little hard for me to help you with this, since I cannot see your computer's configuration and all. It's just the normal XviD codec I've used for these movies, so normally it should work on any computer that has the XviD codec installed.

Originally posted by Vampiric Fool
Ahh, Good to see that I can download them. Can I make a suggestion though? Is it possible to list the size next to each file? Some people are on 56k (Like me :)), and prefer to make plans before downloading :)
Will do that.

Perhaps I should opt to use a more automated download system in PHP or something. Automatic page updates (including filesizes of course), download stats, anti leeching, that sort of stuff. But then again, once all movie files are up, it's unlikely that we will be adding more to it, so in the end it might not be worth bothering.

12th Feb 2004, 21:45
finally! access to unadulterated information!

12th Feb 2004, 23:23
Karl, you truly are the king of kings!

This stuff is hilarious. I'm still laughing from the yoghurt incident =D. Thank you so much for making this available. I can hardly wait to see the rest =)

12th Feb 2004, 23:38
wow! this is a gift for us PC users too!!! we didn't get these extras in the PC version!! thanks!!!!

13th Feb 2004, 10:57
cool, however its a shame theyare in that rar config and not in wmv. cant play them on my comp. bum!

van_HellSing PL
13th Feb 2004, 11:07
Abruptdogma - he rar format is a compression format, not a video one - you just have to uncompress the files using winrar (http://www.rarlab.com/). You will also need to install the xvid codecs (http://users.lichtsnel.nl/~nldp/defiance/XviD-1.0-RC2-07022004.exe). The movies are in avi format, it's better than wmv.

13th Feb 2004, 11:12
no I know that van, thanks. i just ment that I cant download the codex or anything cause I dont have admin privilages at my computer here (am at work!). Its ok tho I am getting a mate to do it for me!

13th Feb 2004, 14:29
i can't view it please tell me how can i view it!!:( :(

i don't know much from PC tell me !!!!

13th Feb 2004, 14:50
it says requested file not found. The link you followed may be outdated or in accurata.

cen anybody help me?:(

13th Feb 2004, 15:09
yes ok now ik can play it i have everything installt!!

MAN that was beautifull great outtakes !!!:)

GOOd work!!;)

13th Feb 2004, 16:28
hey and KAIN has so changed, much tougher!

and Micheal Bell Rulesssssssss......... good work _Chris_

______________________________________ "You cannot destroy me, Kain, I am the Engine of Life itself! The Wheel will turn... The plague of your kind will be purged from this world... And on that inevitable day, your wretched, stagnant soul will finally be mine!" -Elder God-
"In the meantime, you’d best burrow deep." -KAIN-

Blue Winged Fellow
13th Feb 2004, 16:41
Fantastic! and Thanks!

13th Feb 2004, 17:51
Thanks for this guys! European fans, like myself, are sure to appreciate this! ;)

Devil N
13th Feb 2004, 18:15
We've just updated the site, all voice session and outtake movies are online now. All 14 of them, about 130 megs in total. There's a bunch of brilliant outtakes, so have lots of fun with them. :)

Also, I added a little secret to the page. See if you can find it ;)

Blue Winged Fellow
13th Feb 2004, 20:24


Again... THANKS A LOT!

13th Feb 2004, 22:34
I have never laughed like I just have for a very long time - I am crying. Thankyou so much to Karl Wagner for putting those outtakes online for all us Europeans to download.

I think the voice-actors on LoK are just the best and to see them having a laugh is exactly what the doctor ordered! Please keep mucking around in the studio - Eidos could sell a DVD of these and I know people would buy them!

Once again thankyou Karl - you gave me access to a great laugh! Cheers!

Lady Kreliana
14th Feb 2004, 04:56
Score one for the European fans. :)

Once again proving CD takes care of their customers.

Apocrypha Roxy
15th Feb 2004, 02:08
Pure brilliance.

Bell is so good at ad-libbing... sharp as a whip! ;)

Do the DVD! I've been saying it for ages! DVD DVD DVD!!!

15th Feb 2004, 15:20
Are they available in any other file type? I have a Mac, and am having loads of trouble trying to play the .rar files (i.e. I can't) :( Thanks

Devil N
15th Feb 2004, 16:27
Originally posted by Quicksilver
Are they available in any other file type? I have a Mac, and am having loads of trouble trying to play the .rar files (i.e. I can't) :( Thanks
StuffIt Expander should be able to extract those RAR files, and then you'll get a bunch of AVI files, for which I'm sure there are plenty of Mac media players available.

Matthew Danvers
15th Feb 2004, 18:24
Whoa! :eek:


Thank you, Karl Wagner and Chris! :)

- Matt

16th Feb 2004, 19:24
Yeah I can't see the video either. It just plays the audio. I unrared them with WinRAR and installed the Xvid Codec and am playing them with Winamp.

EDIT: Nevermind I got it to work when I use Windows Media Player

Blue Winged Fellow
16th Feb 2004, 19:29
I know how most peolpe feel about the Windows Media Player, but I played them all pretty good, nice and in full screen with it.

Maybe You should give it a try? Never tried using winamp to play videos. Perharps you need to tell it to use the Xvid codec? Try preferences... if it is possible at all, there should be an option there somewhere...
otherwise, try the WMP...

Devil N
16th Feb 2004, 20:05
For people who appreciate WMP's compatibility, features and look 'n' feel (in Windows 2000's version at least, not that horrible overelaborated WinXP look), but don't like using a Microsoft product, or have some other reason for not wanting to use WMP:
Try Media Player Classic (http://sourceforge.net/projects/guliverkli/).
It has the same look and feel of Win2000's WMP, but it has a lot more features, including subtitles and playback of DVD's and even Quicktime and Realmedia movies. And it's also really small - it's only a single EXE file, so there's not even an installation process involved.

/me feels like he is doing a commercial presentation :p

22nd Feb 2004, 20:31

27th Feb 2004, 20:32
Thanks for sharing this. :)
Loved it. :)
And yes, I agree. Michael Bell RULES!!!. :D

3rd Mar 2004, 20:16
i can't access the page, can some one help me?
i keep-on getting "cannot find page" or "cannot access site" etc.

Devil N
4th Mar 2004, 09:41
The server might've been down, maintainance might happen at any time. It appears to work now, so just try accessing the page again :)

5th Mar 2004, 20:29
hi :)
i would have replyed sooner but i couldn't access the forum as i couldn't find it (the page "cannot show page" etc. kept on cropping up - so i've had to work my way round other sites to get here.)
i couldn't veiw the files (even with the items that were needed) so i just read the transcripts instead, and i don't think i've ever laughed that hard :D
its a shame that the video files weren't in other formats...
but the script was great, thanks:) (its a real shame they were cut from the game disc in the Bonus Material section - that was a real let-down and disappointment.)

21st Mar 2004, 04:59
No fair No fair !!! to us beautiful, smart, intelligent, conceited, sophomoric Americans. Hey i haven't try the patch, but i heard the patch include some bonus materials in it. Is it the out take or not?
Bruce Lee

22nd Mar 2004, 19:38
i just have to say this I LOVE THIS GAMEEEEEEEEEEE AND THE STORY REALLYYY___i hope that the naxt game will be out SOON!! we all hope yes. hehe

had i condemned raziel to this nightmare when i cast him into the ABYSS??-kain-;) :D ;)

Sarafan Minion
25th Mar 2004, 17:00
T H A N K S Karl Wagner !

i had some problems to play those clips after i had downloaded them. but when i managed to unravel those evil forces which had try to stop my progress and i had banished them in demon dimension i could see finally those insanely FUN outtakes!

its a shame that european version didnt include them.. .. but no matter anymore.

27th Mar 2004, 19:17
I've never seen someone who can change their voice like Michael Bell!!! Has anyone in the forum ever met any of the voice actors in real life?

Devil N
12th May 2004, 19:17
Originally posted by SentiNel090
I wonder, why has such an important thread been unstickied and cast into the abyss of lost posts? :D
Probably due to lack of updates on this subject. But, I have a nice surprise in store for you, soon-ish. ;)

12th May 2004, 19:58
this is hilarious. Bell and Templeman are my personal deities.:D

Devil N
12th May 2004, 21:25
Actually, what I have in store has been lying around for quite a while already, pretty much nearly ready for launch.
However, I have been waiting for Karl to show up, since his contacts within the community makes PR-ing this whole thing a lot more effective than I could do on my own. Unfortunately, I haven't seen him online in a couple of weeks, so I suppose I might as well do this on my own now.

Anyways, it's not completely done yet, so you'll all have to wait a little longer.

12th May 2004, 22:32
Can't wait, of course. You guys have some seriously high expectations on you after your last highly appreciated venture =D

13th May 2004, 11:56
I can`t view it....do I have to install a 100 programms again?

I have windows media player and realone player or something.

Devil N
13th May 2004, 17:09
Originally posted by SentiNel090
Get the Xvid codec and you should be fine... www.xvid.org
Koepi's (http://koepi.roeder.goe.net/xvid.shtml) precompiled binaries should be easier to use. The official XviD site only offers sources that you need to compile for yourself.

Devil N
15th May 2004, 18:36
Well, I've been slacking off a bit the last couple of days, but now, finally, our big surprise is ready and up in the air:

A complete make-over of the voice session site (http://users.lichtsnel.nl/~nldp/defiance), including loads of new and/or improved content.

Here's what's new:

All of Soul Reaver 2's voice session movies have been added.
All of Defiance's voice session movies have been reencoded using the latest version of the XviD codec.
Outtake movies are now also available in MPEG.
Files are zipped instead of rarred.
Improved transcripts.
An FAQ has been added.

For more details, check the site of course.
There's still some content left to be added, but that will come in due time.

Hopefully one of the admins will take note and be so friendly as to make this topic sticky again. I wouldn't want anyone to miss out on this. Otherwise, oh well, too bad.

15th May 2004, 22:14
Very, very nice, once more =)

thank you for all your great work in bringing us all of this. I am eternaly indebted to you =D

17th May 2004, 19:28
Thanks a lot Karl, I haven't laughed so hard for some time:D

Light Reaver
17th Jul 2004, 08:08
Hello all, I just finished Defiance and good god what a game it was, GREAT GAME! I went through the whole game with only experiencing one bug, I was Kain and as I mist through a game I fell into nothingness other than that one there were no others but tonight after finishing the game I wanted to watch the extras and on the Voice Actors Scenes & Outtakes and the audio wont play with the video, I can watch Simon and the others recording for the game but I can't hear crap. Not on all but only every other one, so my question is are there more Defiance discs that do this, has anyone else come across this? Ohh sorry, I forgot to mention that I have the PS2 version. Thanks.

17th Jul 2004, 08:38
You can watch the Outtakes on this site.


23rd Jul 2004, 12:41
When I clink on the link I just get taken to a news page.

Is there some link that I am missing or is it just under reconstruction?

What is the site name anyway?

Umah Bloodomen
23rd Jul 2004, 15:14
Originally posted by mrgrim747
When I clink on the link I just get taken to a news page.

Is there some link that I am missing or is it just under reconstruction?

The links are located at the very top of the page. As for a site title, that can be found in the title bar near the top as well. (e.g. Legacy of Kain Voice Sessions v2.0).

24th Jul 2004, 14:05
Thanks v much.

It's odd, I clicked on the link and they were suddenly all at the top.:confused:

3rd Aug 2004, 18:21
I believe I am missing many of the special features that this game has to offer; I have been reading that there are voice session videos and outtakes viewable from the special features menu, akin to those of Soul Reaver 2. However, I appear to be missing these, and possibly other special features I do not have any knowlage of.

I own the PAL version of Defiance of Playstation 2 format. Is this an error in my copy of the game, or is it something to do with the version of the software I own? If it is not possible to retrieve these features, is there a website at which I can download the missing files?

Thanks in advance :)

3rd Aug 2004, 19:55
I don't know if this is the exact scenario but I believe after the game itself there was only room on the disc for either the extras/outtakes or the various languages, so the extras had to be cut in order to make one version of the game that could be released across Europe.

Regardless though, there is a page where somebody uploaded the videos for europeans, although I forget the link so i'll have to go look for it if noone else posts it. :D

Light Reaver
3rd Aug 2004, 23:50
Here is the link, hope you like!


4th Aug 2004, 01:22
Thanks for your help, and resolving this issue for me. :)

Damita Jo
4th Aug 2004, 08:15

There used to be a thread here called something like Outtakes For The European Fans. Including a link to a website with behind the scenes stuff for Defiance and SR2.

I searched it everywhere... does anyone know the link to that site?

Thanks for your help! :)

4th Aug 2004, 13:26
http://users.lichtsnel.nl/~nldp/defiance/lokd.html and http://users.lichtsnel.nl/~nldp/defiance/sr2.html :) (behold the awesome power of Google:D )

Damita Jo
4th Aug 2004, 13:52

Thank you. ;)

4th Aug 2004, 14:41
You are welcome:) . By the way, that smiley is so cute:D

Damita Jo
4th Aug 2004, 15:59
Originally posted by WraithStar
By the way, that smiley is so cute:D

Is it? I was actually searching for another one because I didn't find this one all that cute... Oh well. Thanks again.

9th Aug 2004, 22:51
*looks around in surprise* Where was this thread? I searched for it and nothing came up...:confused: Anyway, thanks for finding it, Umah:D .

And you are welcome again, Damita Jo:)