View Full Version : [SPOILER] The next Chapter in the series

Black Wraith
11th Feb 2004, 23:32
I have myself yet again a few ideas for the next game (or so) in the LoK series.

1. One idea would be the story of Janos Audron, how he became the guardian of the Blood Reaver, and why he didn't kill himself after he was cursed like so many others of his kind.

2. another continuation of Kain's story, with a great Intro FMV of Raz's sacrifice and Kain's battle against EG at the end of Defiance.
The rest is up to contemplation, who knows what kinda creative magic Amy and the rest of the crew will do to it.

3. An LoK Fighting Game!!! (hey, it worked with Onimusha and Final Fantasy) You can have Raz and Kain fight over and over again at your whim.

Like my ideas? Simply reply to this if ya have any comments, or even more Ideas

BW out for now.

11th Feb 2004, 23:43
I am SO looking forward to the soundtrack for the next LOK game.

I'd also like to see greater implementation of Kain's telekinetic abilities. TK rocked my world in Defiance, but I'd like to see more comprehensive use of it in a future game.

Also, some people have reacted badly to some of the changes in Defiance. I hope that Crystal isn't disheartened by this, and that it keeps on experimenting. Above all, keep the combat system, but I want to see MORE MOVES! In the next game, I want Kain to have as many moves as a character in a beat-'em-up!

Black Wraith
11th Feb 2004, 23:49
That would be cool to see more better TK use in the next game and even more ways to use it (I say that in an evil way Bwah ha ha!!)

More combat moves will do justice from the last game, along with new music (I, like so many others, didn't really enjoy the recycled soundtrack, but Ozar Medrahim is the greatest theme to a video game I have ever heard, and that did well in the game)

Maybe when the enemies die in this game, they don't disappear, that'd be a cool effect.