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vampire of balance
11th Feb 2004, 18:53
1-7 february sells in UK

1. Sonic Heroes
2. Need for Speed: Underground
3. Mafia
4. Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II
5. The Simpsons: Hit & Run
6. FIFA 2004
7. Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
8. The Sims: Bustin' Out
9. Eye Toy: Play
10. Legacy of Kain: Defiance

Defiance was released in february 6 . 1 dey in stores and it hit top 10 yooooohooooo :))

11th Feb 2004, 19:24
It's good that it got into the top 10, but is it what you would call selling well in all honesty?

Considering that Sonic Heroes is (as far as i'm aware) a mediocre game in the Sonic series, and Baldur's Gate: DA 2 is the same as the first more or less, I can't see it being that big a sell thus far. All 3 were released on the same day incidentally. The other games on there have been out weeks already AFAIK.

I hope it does move up though in the coming weeks. And also hope I can actually see the game on the shelves more, instead of what i've seen already of Sonic Heroes getting all the shelf space (can't stand that sort of "sabotage").

11th Feb 2004, 19:39

It's not necessarily the quality of the other games that determines their sales figures. Everything else on that list is really popular, so it's a good sign that Defiance made it on there. It definitely sounds like it's selling better in the UK than it did in the US, which is excellent.

11th Feb 2004, 20:00
Originally posted by blincoln

It's not necessarily the quality of the other games that determines their sales figures.

Doesn't mean I can't complain about the way people buy them :D. To go OT for a sec, that Peter Andre was voted 55th worst pop record ever a few weeks ago..... and now he's been in that "Im a Celebrity" rubbish it's being released and tipped for #1 AGAIN :rolleyes:. Just shows people never learn to buy with more sense.

Official ELSPA chart has it down at #11, not #10 incidentally, although the one thats moved it down is Norton IS 2004 so that probably doesn't count. The XBox chart is much more respectable however than the others, got it at #5:


Kain's Right-Hand Man
11th Feb 2004, 20:44
That's because the only good games on Xbox are also on Playstation2(with the exception of Halo)

11th Feb 2004, 23:46
It's at number three in my country! Of course, we Irish are renowned for our taste...