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11th Feb 2004, 18:38
In some of da forges they have wraiths of guardians, what are the circle doing in the ancient ruins, i thought dey hated the vampires in BO, & was the nature 1 talkin bout the elder wen he said razeil's soul would bereturned 2 the One?:confused:

van_HellSing PL
11th Feb 2004, 18:42
The Wraiths were vampiric Guardians. And yes, "the One" probably is the Elder God, seeing as vampires worshipped him.

11th Feb 2004, 19:11
oh, thanks

12th Feb 2004, 13:41
those vampire guardians are not the pillar guardians.
They are guarding the spirit forges. And remember that:
Raziel finds out that the ancient vampires workshiped the elder god.

12th Feb 2004, 15:34
Originally posted by Protector_Malek
those vampire guardians are not the pillar guardians...

**in the voice of Rafiki, from the Lion King (Robert Guillaume)**

"Nope, wrong again!!"

Those WERE Ancient pillar guardians. Notice the pillar symbols at each tomb??

Later! :D

12th Feb 2004, 15:57
:confused: :confused: I missed that....
well, if they were, they still were vampire guardians, weren't they? At least I think they were vampires.... so, they workshiped the elder god

12th Feb 2004, 16:18
Yes, Ancient Vampire Guardians.


Later! :D

Devil N
12th Feb 2004, 17:30
Ancient Vampire Pillar Guardians.

Let's keep it at that :)

12th Feb 2004, 18:57
dont you remember that every time Raz kills them and unlocks the forge he says "with the spirits of the guardians of *blagh de blagh* and *Blaugh de blagh* slain the reaver was imbuned with the element of *blaugh de blagh* with which their pillers were aligned". or something like that.