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11th Feb 2004, 15:07
First my Question, I am sure someone will have the answer (probably Umah.)

I did not get out in December to get a copy of January's PCM magazine and I REALLY wanted to know what extra PS2 codes there were to further enjoy the game. What were these?

I appoligize for not going out and getting them, my sister-in-law passed away and I had a LOT on my hands at the time. Later when I went to find a copy, I could not find any.

Any information with this would be great. And I did finish the game with out any cheats!! Maybe some help from the B-Board, occasionally. Which leads me into the following:

I loved, loved, loved the last hour or so of the game. I did not like the fact that Raziel had to be drawn back into the blade, but I am glad that Kain and Raziel got to "make up." On the overall gameplay of the game...I was VERY dissapointed in the screen movement. I got stuck behind things, many, many times and could not see what I was fighting. I also felt that the game could have had more monsters during the game play, rather than the same tired bad guys. I still missed the feel of the first Soul Reaver game, which gave you more of a choice of directions to take....but, still having to eventually deal with each part. I felt this gameplay was too linear....but, at the same rate it went with the story line....of being coerced into doing someone else's bidding. One more thing, I don't know if anyone else had this problem, but many times throughout the game my special combat features would not work" And other times....it was ok. But, I could duplicate the same move, with the joystick and sometimes not get the special combat modes to work or engage.

Ok...that's all I have to say about it. I'll check in on other threads and see who else is commenting on things.

Thanks for everything Eidos. I hope to see Raziel again, as well as KAIN.:D

11th Feb 2004, 18:21
Switch Character to Toon Version Up, Down, Up, Down, R1, R2, Down, Circle, Triangle
Switch Kain's Reaver to Penny Arcade's Cardboard Tube (doesn't work with the Toon code enabled) Up, Down, Left, Right, R2, L2, Triangle, Down, Circle
Fill 'er Up (Fill up Health) Left, Right, Left, Right, R1, L1, Circle, Triangle, Down
All Ups (Maximum Health and TK Meters) Left, Left, Up, Up, L1, R2, Circle, Down, Triangle
All Slams (All Special Attacks) Right, Down, Up, Down, Down, R1, Triangle, Circle, Down
Infinite Reaver Charge Down, Down, Up, Left, R1, R2, Down, Triangle, Circle
All Dark Chronicle Entries R1, Down, R2, L1, Right, R2, Triangle, Down, L1
All Bonus Material R2, Down, L2, R1, Left, L2, Down, L1, Triangle
Wireframe Rendering L1, Down, L1, Up, R1, L2, L1, Down, Triangle
Textureless Rendering L1, Down, R2, Right, R2, Up, Triangle, L1, Down
Invincible Up, Down, Right, Down, R1, R2, Down, Triangle, L1

hope this helps, i had problems wit phantasamal tempest:mad:

11th Feb 2004, 18:33
I appreciate the information! I plan on replaying the game and having some fun!