View Full Version : I need Help!!!!!

10th Feb 2004, 22:15
Can Some1 Plz help me... Im In the Serpent Rounge... I have killed all the gaurds, knocked down the bridge and switch the controls so the box goes to the opening shelf... But I have no clue what to do? Can some1 help me!!!

10th Feb 2004, 23:05
Do you have the trinket box?

If you do, go back to the lighting booth and go out the door in the right wall. Take the trinket box back to the one who sent you.

Or if you want some more pickups before you leave the building, go down the ladder in the lighting booth and to the first floor to the ticket office using the key you picked up in the lighting booth..

If you don't yet have the trinket box, it's in the light that is flashing. You need to move that light into the cabinet. From the original positions of the lights, you operate the left lever twice.