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10th Feb 2004, 19:17
Hi there my Bretherin just wanted to say how much I enjoyed completing Defiance easily the best of the lot for me well done to everyone who made this possible id take my hat off to you if i had a hat. I'd also liked to say about the camera, I haven't a clue what people have been moaning about I had no trouble what so ever I think it worked perfectly.
A few questions to anyone who has the answers I seek

1. was vorador actually killed as he was in Blood Omen?

2. Are the Hylden working with the Elder God or are they seperate enamys
" The Hylden will be delt with in a matter of time"
as said by Mobius to the Elder God before being impailed by Kain at the end of the game.

3 Was there any extra features PAL users missed out on? like video outtakes or recording sessions like there was in SR2

4What is Kain supposed to do next?

10th Feb 2004, 19:23
it appears vorador didnt die as he's in BO2,

it's in arguement, but i think the hylden are raziel's spawn, anyway, they dont like the elder

kain's next job is to fulfill the prophocy and destroy the elder

10th Feb 2004, 19:51
ooh ooh I got another one when Ariel was absorbed to transform the reaver into the spirit reaver wouldn't that mean she wouldn't exsist in the the future to meet and talk to Raziel all the times she did?
Or was the Ariel that got absorbed from the future, from SR time and was transported through time and space to the spirit forge.
I think this could make sense because earlier on in Defiance when Raziel first meets her she clearly does not recognise him and deffinatly does not know his name, but before becoming the spirit reaver she acts like she knows him and calls him by his name

10th Feb 2004, 20:19
For more on Ariel and a comparison of her many conversations throughout the series click the link to the thread below.


12th Feb 2004, 17:19
why do the hylden posses corpses to stop Raziel?

he was their champian

14th Feb 2004, 17:22
@zephon, yeah that bothers me aswell. It seems the Hylden are a little confused on this point. On the one hand they keep attacking him calling him a traitor, but then the possessed Turel when under the influence of Hash, says to Raziel something along the lines of "Prepare yourself, the hero of our enemy draws near" and again wen Raziel speaks with Mortanius the Hash says "This vessel speaks true, you are indeed late but it no longer matters, the hour of our victory draws near" or something like that. Seems they can't make up their mind whether they really care for him being their hero or not. Maybe they are just using a rough hand to ensure he goes their way wen it comes to final fight? Still seems weird tho

15th Feb 2004, 02:41
Here is my explanation of the event.

Revenants: ..Raziel… …Raziel… Fallen Hero… Renegade and traitor…

Raziel: …What is this? How do you know me?

Revenants: …Raziel, what are you? …Why should any know your name? …You are nothing…

Yes, the dead Raziel is the champion of the Hylden, but you need to take into account that Raziel is also a traitor in their eyes because he has been helping out the Vampires, their eternal enemy. There is likely more to this that hasn't yet been revealed.

So then you have the general Hylden spirits wanting to exact some punishment on Raziel for betraying their kind, and the Hylden at the top although manipulating him are nonetheless treating Raziel with some more respect than the others.