View Full Version : Hey! Im Stuck in the Serpent Rounge!?

10th Feb 2004, 17:47
and I dont know what to do... i think I killed every1, but now im having trouble jumping up on like the moving elvator thing in the middle of the room?! Can some1 help me plz!!!


10th Feb 2004, 19:09
Yerh, can't realy help u with that. Maybe you can use the little hop, to get there.

Young Raider
15th Feb 2004, 05:54
You have to take a standing jump onto the moving light thing, then put walk on so whe wont fall off. Do the same thing to get to the othre side of the elevator thing. Once you are there you can climb up the side of one of the vertical beam type things.

Hope that helped, if not try Stellas.

Good luck

Young Raider